Arts and Crafts Projects

20 Easy Craft Projects Under $10
October 28, 2022 – 07:35 am
Arts and crafts projects

Fabric lined built-in shelves (click through for tutorial!)Happy weekend! When's the last time you had a craft night with your friends? It's been a while for us, and this list has left us feeling super inspired and excited to have one. So gather up your girlfriends, get some refreshments, and make something fun! This list is extra awesome because each project can be completed for under $10. Let's start with these cute fabric-lined built-in shelves.

Transform a basic pair of curtains with some fabric paint using this spotted curtain DIY.

Add some pretty lace to your flower pots – so easy!

Display your favorite (it might be hard to choose!) pet photos on your walls with this Warhol-inspired pet portrait DIY.

Make your own spotted curtains!These balsa wood candle holders are so fun, and they are easy to make – no saws required! :)

Add your favorite song lyrics or quote to a shirt pocket with this tutorial.

We love these personalized his + hers Sharpie mugs. These make great gifts for any occasion!

Learn how to make your own stamp and transform a bare wall into a statement wall.

This non-toxic colored powder (inspired by the Color Run) is so easy to make on your own! We love how it looks in photos too.

Make your own soap on a rope. How fun are these? They can be customized with your favorite essential oils.

Lace planterDisplay your nail polish collection with an antique printer tray and some colored cardstock.

Combine your favorite phrase with a photo to make a custom mat board.

One of our favorite tutorials of all time! How to mix your own chalkboard paint (in any color).

This gold moon wall is amazing, and you only need three things to make it!

How adorable is this hand-stamped strawberry crib sheet?

Learn how to make your own sparkly glitter shoes.

Change up a doorway with washi tape. The possibilities are endless!

Make a photo extra special with this embroidery DIY.

Add some glitter vinyl or a flower print to a serving tray.

We love refrigerator door word magnets, and these clay ones are super colorful and fun to make!

Be sure to tag your projects #mybeautifulmess, and we will pick our favorites to feature on our instagram! xo. The ABM team

Make your own pop art pet portrait Paint dipped wood candle holder DIY Try this- embroidered shirt with your favorite quote Sharpie mug DIY

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Try to make a comics style usig their photos and make it look creative by just adding backgrounds , scenes. If you could cut their photos that would be great! And try to make it funny through words.

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