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12 Art Activities using Tissue Paper
February 3, 2017 – 06:49 pm

There are so many ways to create beautiful art work and projects with kids using tissue paper! It is cheap, easily obtainable and comes in such a great variety of bright colours, making it so versatile and easy enough for even little ones to tear and stick! Here are 12 fun ways to use tissue paper in art projects with toddlers to school age children.

In this little collection of posts from this blog, there are ideas for art projects, crafts, wall art, cards, story telling props, colour sorting and new family traditions! All of these have been created by my own children at various stages of their lives, from ages 1 to 4, so hopefully there will be at least one idea that appeals to you to try at home too. Pin the rest to try later!

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Hopefully you will have found a new idea from this list of a great art or craft idea for home, school or a kids club and will be able to try out using tissue paper in a whole new way!
tissue paper and jam jar luminaries craft activity for kids
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You can decoupage wooden boxes with pictures and wrapping paper scraps and make them look very nice that way.
Or do the same with clear glass plates.
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