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Finding the Perfect Arts and Crafts Idea: All Occasion Crafts
July 19, 2015 – 01:36 pm
Idea 8: Teach them about the

I'm changing the look of this website, but it is a work in progress. You may notice some pages look different than others, until I get the update done. Thank you for your patience!

Here are many arts and crafts ideas, which don't necessary fit into a season or holiday category. I call these my "all occasion crafts". Some however, can also be used for a specific holiday or season so you may find them on the other directory pages too.

I find crafting to be so relaxing. I, like many others, lead a very busy life. Sometimes it is hard to find time to craft. That is one of the reasons I made this website. It helps me to set aside some time to do crafts.

The fact is, I love to craft, so this isn't a chore at all. Hopefully you do too, and I hope you will find time every so often to give yourself some "me time". Whatever your craft hobbies are, I hope you may enjoy some of these projects as well. These DIY crafts are perfect for yourself, your home, or to give away as a gift.

Many of these crafts are things for your home. I have shared the art that I created for my home. A personal favorite of mine is the reclaimed wood art and the city skyline of Cleveland made using string.

Please remember, I would love to see your work of your finished creations! Please share what you have done using the "share a craft" link below. I cannot thank you each enough for sharing your creativity and your arts and crafts ideas with the rest of us!

Source: www.crafts-for-all-seasons.com
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How are Art and Craft different?

Craft is when you make something useful. Art does not have to be useful.

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