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Common Arts and Crafts Design Elements
February 25, 2022 – 11:39 am
Mini Parfait Cup DIY Art

The arts and crafts movement, which originated in England during the last half of the 19th century, was also known as mission style in the United States. Mission style resulted in the blending of arts and crafts rectilinear forms with Hispanic and Native American architecture, furnishings and accessories of the American Southwest.

Common design elements of arts and crafts furnishings and accessories include hand-crafted items made of natural materials and earthy organic colors.

Furniture was made almost exclusively of oak, often heavy and square, with clean, simple lines; dark, masculine wood stains; and leather upholstery.

Earthy organic colors โ€“ mossy greens, mustard, terra cotta, warm brown and amber โ€“ show up in wall coverings, pottery, lamps, stained glass and textiles of the period.

Metals such as copper and bronze were combined with amber-stained glass in lighting fixtures. Hand-hammered metal hardware on furniture provided a decorative as well as a functional touch. Pottery, glazed tile and handmade textiles, such as Navajo rugs, reflected the warm, earthy feel of the period.

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