Where to sell Arts and crafts?

How to Sell Crafts Online Easily
June 2, 2016 – 08:34 am
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Sign up at ShopLocket.com to create professional product listings on your own site or blog and support digital goods like sewing patterns along with and physical creations.



Once registered simply walk through ShopLocket's product creation wizard. You'll have your first product created and ready to sell in less then two minutes.


Once published, start marketing! ShopLocket lets you embed your products just like a Youtube video or you can share the link!


ShopLocket charges no upfront fees. If you don't sell you don't get billed. When you make a sale ShopLocket only charges 2.5% + PayPal or Stripe fees.

Method 2 of 5: Sell on AzCraze

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    Create a seller account on Az Craze. AzCraze.com is Arizona's largest local online shopping mall.

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    Az Craze takes nothing off the top. This means you as the seller keep 100% of your sales. They only charge a small monthly fee.

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Method 3 of 5: Sell on Etsy

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    Set up an Etsy storefront. Etsy.com is the biggest and most well-known online marketplace that enables crafters to sell online easily. Even the most novice user can set up a crafts storefront that showcases their products and enables buyers to ask questions of the seller, request custom items and pay for their order through Paypal.

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    Pay Etsy to do the heavy lifting. The hardest thing a crafter needs to do to sell crafts online easily on Etsy is to write product descriptions and upload product photos. Etsy will even handle search ending marketing that enables shoppers to find your store. In exchange, you will pay Etsy a small listing fee to add your item to the storefront and a small commission when the item sells.

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    Market your Etsy storefront through social networking. Facebook has an application that enables users to showcase their Etsy store in their profile. You can also use Twitter and Link'd In to announce new products, coupons and sales.

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Method 4 of 5: Open an Artfire Account

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    Create an ArtFire account. ArtFire is an alternative to Etsy. Crafters can sell online easily by having the option to create free basic accounts or advanced professional accounts (Etsy doesn't offer different account levels). The biggest difference between ArtFire and Etsy is crafters don't have to continually relist items (and pay the resulting fee) to stay at the top of website search results.

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    Promote your ArtFire storefront within the ArtFire community. Get your name out there by participating in Discussion Forums and Chat Rooms. ArtFire has a smaller amount of users than Etsy which makes it easier to stand out in the crowd.

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    Take advantage of ArtFire's capability that allows you to link your main blog or website within your storefront (Etsy does not allow this). This capability will also enable you to sell crafts online easily because crafters tend to buy from other crafters.

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Method 5 of 5: Launch Your Website

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    Purchase a domain that reflects your business name. This domain should be memorable, short and relate to your product offerings. Use the domain for a new website to promote your Etsy and ArtFire stores.

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    Set up a website or simple blog to link to your new Etsy and ArtFire stores and vice versa. You don't need to understand programming. Easy templates are available in publishing sites such as Wordpress.org or Blogger.com that will enable you to showcase your talents.

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    Include a contact form so that buyers can reach you for questions and special order requests. This contact form should link to your email address.

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    Tell the story about your crafts to sell crafts online easily. Bring your crafts to life by sharing your thoughts about how and why you created it. Creating a sense of scarcity and rareness also adds value.

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  • Include a business card on the back of your craft, including website, email, phone number, for easily reordering.
  • Include links to all of your Internet storefronts and website on sales material you hand out at craft fairs. Shoppers who don't buy the day of the event are likely to visit your website later when they are ready to shop.
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