Christmas Fayre Craft ideas

Fundraising Ideas For Christmas
March 1, 2023 – 09:27 am
22 Christmas Crafts to Make

All the best festive fundraising ideas for Christmas!

Many organisations including church, school and charity groups will include a Christmas Fair or Christmas Bazaar as part of their annual fundraising programmes.

Christmas fundraising events are always great fun and, for many people, part of the build up to the festive season. Many of the usual fete and fair ideas can be adapted to give them a Christmas theme:

Find the lucky stocking - This is a simple variation on the Treasure Map theme.

Mark a grid of squares on a sheet of paper and have pictures of Christmas stockings in each one.

People pick a stocking and mark it with their name. At the end of the event the person who picked the lucky stocking (work out which square will be the lucky one in advance) wins a prize.

There are lots of variations you can do on this basic theme. ie have people looking for lucky Santas, Rudolphs, presents etc.

Find Santa - Prepare some round tins or tubes to look like Chimney pots.

They should be about 15cms high. Paint them up to look authentic, The top of the pots need to be closed off. You need about 10 pots.

Place them in a tray of fake snow (crumple up some white packaging material or use cotton wool etc).Slip a toy Santa under one of the pots.

People pay to guess which pot Santa is hiding in to win a prize.

Another variation on this is to use Santa Hats.

Place 12 Santa hats on a desk. Under 11 place a wrapped Christmas sweet under one place a bigger prize. People pay to lift a hat to find the lucky prize.

Six Sox - This sounds simple but is a real winner with children.

Peg six coloured socks on a line and pop a cheap toy or a few sweets in each.

Santa Hat FundraiserKids can feel but not look inside the sock. They can keep whatever is in the sock they choose. Simply refill the socks after each go.

Another variation on this is to have a coin or good prize in one of the socks and just a sweet in the others. No touching this time - contestants simply point to the sock they think holds the treasure.

You can of course use more than six socks

Ring Rudolph's Nose - On a sheet of hardboard (1m x 1m approx) paint a picture of Rudolph's head. Include a big red nose and screw in a large hook.

Make some hoopla hoops by cutting rounds out of hardboard or make some from twisted wire decorated with tinsel. Charge for 3 hoops and award a prize for anyone who can hook one on Rudolph's nose.

Golden Cracker - This is one of those fantastic fundraising ideas for Christmas Fairs that are really simple but lots of fun.

Buy some cheap crackers. Carefully open the ends of a few and insert a small winners ticket in each. In the picture you can see that with some crackers you can slip it in via the side also.

People pay to buy a cracker and pull it. They keep whatever is inside.

Every so often someone picks a cracker with a winning ticket inside. We have found a ratio of about 1 in 20 is about right.

The winner's tickets could be for prizes or vouchers for a go on other stalls.

Six Sox Challenge Christmas Fundraiser
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