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Seasonal Gifts and Crafts
September 2, 2022 – 11:02 am
20 Toilet Paper Roll Christmas

christmas gifts and craftsIt's autumn, and time for our friends in the United States and Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving. Try these easy Thanksgiving gifts and crafts and count your blessings!

Spread Christmas cheer with easy holiday gifts and crafts. Stocking stuffers are perfect for classroom gifts, Secret Santa or workplace gifts.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Gifts-in-a-jar make sweet and simple gifts for all holidays. Layered baking mixes, brownies, cookies and bath salts are easy to make.

Sometimes, you don't need a reason to make and give a special craft gift! Try these "just because" craft ideas. They're suitable for birthdays, parties or special occasions!

When cold winds blow, bring welcome warmth to family and friends with these Winter-themed gifts and crafts.

Gifts in a Jar

February? Lovers know it's time for St. Valentine's Day! Celebrate the love in your life with these simple Valentine gifts and craft projects.

Faith and begorrah . it's St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate the wearin' o' the green with easy craft gift for the leprechauns in your life.

Celebrate Easter with these easy recipes, crafts projects and gifts to make for a "hoppy" Easter! Make basket fillers, Easter gifts and crafts.

Around the year, the United States celebrates. Join in July 4th, Memorial Day or Presidents' Day festivities with these patriotic crafts.

crafts for all occasions Winter Crafts valentines day crafts St. Patricks Day gifts and crafts

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5 Cool Recycled Christmas Crafts Ideas
5 Cool Recycled Christmas Crafts Ideas
Christmas crafts ideas
Christmas crafts ideas
Mazichands Arts and Crafts for Girls - Best Birthday/Christmas Gifts/Toys/DIY for Kids - Premium Bracelet(Jewelry) Making Kit/Toy aka Friendship Bracelets Maker/Craft Kits with Loom, Rubber Bands, Clips & Manual
Toy (Mazichands)
  • ➽ PERFECT GIFT for Birthdays, Christmas, Kids, Sisters, Special Occasions, Sleepover Parties, Giveaway and Holiday. Great for young, innovative and creative crafters...
  • ➽ Create unlimited Charming & Colorful Friendship Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and More! GUARANTEE fun & learn time for kids & crafters. Keeps busy for...
  • ➽ Includes: 24 C-clips, 1 Extra Strong Hook, 1 Unbreakable Loom(NEVER FEAR BREAKAGE), 1 Instruction Manual and 600 latex-free(100% SAFE FOR KIDS) mixed color rubber...
  • ➽ CLICK ADD TO CART NOW! Let creativity explore and begin the journey to fun & learn! ► Added Bonus: FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP access to bracelet making tutorial...
Alex ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro
Toy (Alex)
  • A fun and easy way to draw
  • Creative Child magazine Toy of the Year Award
  • Parents Choice Approved Award and Dr. Toy s Best New Products
  • Set includes a projector, 124 slides, 6 markers, 10 sheets of paper and a flip book
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older
DIY Christmas Gifts & Ideas: Over 30 Easy Christmas Gifts & Decoration Ideas for this Winter (Do It Yourself, Christmas, Gifts, Holiday Season, Presents, ... Homemade, Arts & Crafts, Quick & Easy)
Faber and Castell Creativity for Kids Designed By You Fashion Studio
Toy (Faber and Castell)
  • Create fabulous fashion designs that reflect your style
  • Express yourself with fleece and other fibers
  • Non-toxic components
  • Dream up your own designer originals and get ready for the runway
  • Recommended for ages between 9 -11 years
Amazing DIY Projects and Household Hacks Box Set: DIY Woodwork, Christmas Gifts, Quilting, Crocheting and Decorating Projects Plus Decluttering and Organizing Hack (DIY Household Projects & Gifts)
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