Country Christmas Craft ideas

Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: A Country Christmas
October 12, 2022 – 11:51 am
Country Christmas Decorations

Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: A Country Christmas by Lakeitha DuncanDecorating your own front porch for Christmas can be a challenge. It’s right there for all the world and your neighbors to see. But the pressure is really on when you’re styling someone else’s front porch, as Lakeitha Duncan can attest.

Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: Garland with OrnamentsLakeitha is the author of the lifestyle blog Lakeitha Duncan. She agreed to take part in our Holiday Style Challenge. We pick some of the best bloggers on the internet and send them each a mystery box of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot. Then we let them come up with their fresh Christmas decorating ideas.

Lakeitha chose a theme to fit the look of the home she was decorating. And the results are smashing. The front porch is cheery, warm and ready for Christmas. The style is unified and very practical, too. Read on to see how Lakeitha achieved the look she was after.

I had originally planned to decorate my own front door space for the challenge, but things went south after letting my husband have free range on painting our front steps. I’ll save you the pictures of that and move along with the space I did decide to bring holiday cheer to… my parents!

The Inspiration

With their space, I knew I wanted to head in a different direction than what I’m comfortable with. With this being my first time decorating outdoors for the holidays, and considering that it wasn’t my own space, I wanted to tap into what I thought my mom and dad would like for themselves. I decided a “country holiday” was in order.

It all began with the garland that The Home Depot sent me. I love this garland. I had enough to trim all of the railing on the porch with more left over to do a mantel if I wanted to. I also decided to add a few clusters of ornaments to up the wow factor a bit.

Decorate Every Available Inch

Because I love the idea of taking advantage of every inch of the home (outdoors included) for decorating, I figured it would be fun to set up the porch in a way that it can be enjoyed while the kids play with their outdoor toys.

Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: Garland with Ornaments on Porch Rail Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: Potted Tree Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: Festive and Comfortable Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas: Festive and Comfortable

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Country Living Merry & Bright: 125 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas (Country Living Merry & Bright: 301 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas)
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What are some kid craft ideas for Christmas?

In order to find out more about kid craft ideas for Christmas one has to go through relevant websites and search for this information. One can visit library as well to find out more about this subject. Alternatively one can consult a person who has knowledge regarding this field.

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