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Christmas Craft Ideas: Wreath Alternative
September 26, 2022 – 12:50 pm
Now the happiest time is

Christmas Craft Ideas: Wreath AlternativeIf you’re on the hunt for something fresh to adorn your front door, tackle this simple DIY project! It’s one of our Christmas craft ideas we’re sharing this season. !Christmas Craft Ideas: Materials Needed for Wreath Alternative Project Here we’ll show you how to create an interesting wreath alternative for your front door.

Materials you’ll need for this Christmas craft project:

Step 1

Christmas Craft Ideas: Cutting Floral Foam for Wreath Alternative ProjectCut a piece of floral foam to the size of the suet basket bird feeder.

Step 2

Let the foam soak in the sink for a few hours to soak up plenty of water.

Step 3

Place the wet foam into the bird feeder suet basket.

Then, gather your scrap greenery and begin placing it in the foam. Start with big pieces that provide a thick foundation, and then layer on with smaller pieces as you go.

Finish it off with holly berries or acorns!

Tip: Pick out greenery that curves and waves the way you’d like your arrangement to curve and wave. Use the natural shape to your benefit!

Christmas Craft Ideas: Soaking Floral Foam for Wreath Alternative Project Christmas Craft Ideas: Floral Foam Inside Suet Basket Christmas Craft Ideas: Adding Greenery to Floral Foam Christmas Craft Ideas: Wreath Alternative

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What are some Christmas craft ideas for kids.

One practically free Christmas craft idea for kids is to take plastic wrap (such as Saran wrap) and trace Christmas designs onto and then mount it on a piece of cardboard that has been covered in tin foil. Other ideas are popcorn strings, popcorn balls, decorate pine cones, and bake Play-Doh into shapes to make as ornaments for Christmas tree.

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