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Snowman Hat Tree Topper | A Christmas Craft Idea
March 27, 2017 – 09:03 pm
Crochet Snowman Applique

1. Empty coffee can (I forgot to take a picture, but it's just a normal coffee can!)
2. Paper plate (The coated kind works best since it's going to be coated with paint.)
โ€‹3. Black paint/sponge paintbrush
4. Hot glue/hot glue gun
5. Scissors
6. Black cardstock (I used two pieces.)
7. Ribbon & accents (this is where you can get creative!)

The Process:
1. Wrap cardstock around the coffee can and secure the paper to the can with hot glue. Cut off the excess paper around the can. (You can paint the coffee can, if you prefer.Picture Mine had a sticker on it and I couldn't get it all off!)
2. Cut a 4-inch diameter circle in the middle of the paper plate. Make sure the circle is smaller than the coffee can.
3. Paint both sides of the paper plate black.
4. Take the coffee can lid and put it over the closed end of the can.
5. Hot glue the coffee can to the paper plate, with the open end facing the plate.
6. Once your coffee can and plate are attached, you can use any kind of ribbon and accents to glue around the base! I found an old arrangement of pine cones and berries, and I just happened to have some thick burlap ribbon that I wasn't using. (It also would be cute to add a Cardinal to the top of the hat.I was lazy and didn't want to run to Michael's, so I glued a poinsettia flower there.)

Picture Picture
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