Christmas Crafts gifts for Kids to make

Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make
October 13, 2015 – 10:54 am
56 Christmas Crafts for Kids

After your kids make these holiday-inspired finger puppets, it may be hard to part with them!

What you'll need: Assorted colors of felt (red, black, white, brown, and beige), scissors, dime-size coin wrappers, quick-setting gel glue (such as Beacon's 3-in-1), 1?" round natural wooden beads, fine-tipped marker; additional embellishments such as pipe cleaners, small buttons, and mini pom-poms

Make it: Cut a rectangle of felt large enough to cover the rounded coin wrapper; glue in place. Glue the wooden bead on top of the felt-covered coin wrapper; let dry completely before handling. Draw eyes using a fine-tipped marker.

For Santa, cut a shorter rectangle of red felt and wrap around the cylinder, gluing only the top edge of the felt down to resemble a jacket. Glue a small black button at the top and a strip of black felt underneath. Cut a half circle out of red felt and form into a cone-shaped hat; glue at the seam. Add a mini pom-pom to the top. Glue a thin strip of white felt to the bottom, and then glue the hat on top of wooden bead. Make a mustache and beard out of white felt and glue in place.

For Elf, make jacket according to directions above and finish by rounding the edges. Create a hat, belt, and collar from matching felt and secure to puppet with glue.

For Rudolph, cut an oval from beige felt and glue to front of cylinder. Cut a small oval, glue to the face, and add a mini pom-pom for a nose. Cut out two ear shapes from beige felt and glue in place on bead. Bend a brown chenille stem into antlers and glue between ears.

For Snowman twig arms: For the snowman arms, wrap a chenille stem around the back of the snowman and glue it to the body for extra support. To make top hat, cut a felt circle that's appropriate for the size of the puppet's head. Cut a narrow strip from felt and form into a circle; glue the overlapping ends together. Apply a little glue to the bottom of the circle of felt and glue it onto the larger circle. Cut a small circle of felt and glue on the top of the hat. Apply glue to the middle of the felt brim and adhere it to the top of the snowman's head.

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