Felt patterns for Kids

July 13, 2022 – 07:59 am
Felt ornaments owls

A note from Leanne: I have listed the projects on this page that I made specifically for felt boards. However, the vast majority of the coloring pages on the site are stand alone images that can be colored, cut out and used for the felt board. In particular, I've received positive comments about the Simple Characters and Shapes pages (it includes apples, autumn leaves, snowflakes, triangles, circles, squares, sun, star, etc) so please take a minute to check them out too.

To make a paper sheet into a felt board character, cut out a small piece of felt or coarse sandpaper and tape or glue it on the back of each character. The sandpaper or felt will allow the characters to stick on your felt board. You can also laminate or cover with clear contact paper to make it longer lasting.

A suggestion from a viewer: "Instead of using a flannel board I use a cookie sheet, I first laminate all the pieces then put magnets on the backs I find this work better for little children. They are able to get the stories out and keep up with the pieces."
Thanks for sharing your idea Sharon!

A suggestion from a viewer: "Instead of putting sandpaper on the back of templates for felt board stories we have found that milk filters are perfect in making your flannels. You can find them and your local fleet farm/farm and fleet stores in the farm isle this works great youcan see right through it and it sticks great to a piece of felt."
Thanks for sharing your idea Colleen!

A suggestion from a viewer: "I was using felt glued to the backs of my laminated pieces but found them to be heavy and often peeled off. Instead I now use the velcro from diapers. I tear them off the diapers. They are smooth to the touch, glue easily onto the laminated pieces, don't cost me anything and stick just as well to the felt boards as the flannel did without the added bulk and weight. Also, if using a white board or magnetic board: I recently found magnetic tape at a local store (I live in Sweden). It works wonderfully!"

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Popular Q&A
How to make a pattern into felt? | Yahoo Answers

Wool shrinks by approx 1/3 during felting. It is hard to be exact.
If I were going to make an item out of felted shapes I would knit up my wool, either in the shapes required, or as a long strip then cut out the shape I wanted.
I would then join the shapes and felt the finished piece.

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