Felt sewing Projects for Kids

Getting Started
September 21, 2022 – 12:43 pm
Felt Snowflake Pillow

Sewing with Kids -- Simple projects and a materials list for getting started with hand sewingShare & Comment

Maia has been sewing up a storm the last few of months. She started out by hand sewing simple pillows and doll accessories and has since been been asking for (and getting) basic sewing machine lessons from me.

She now claims sewing is her second favorite hobby. The first is variably art or, from her 60 handstands in a row this weekend, gymnastics.

I thought I’d share her first hand sewing projects here and then give a few tips and resources for getting kids started with hand sewing.

First, Maia’s little pillows… They were sewn using wool felt pieces from the craft store, embroidery thread, and a large embroidery needle. Then stuffed with polyfill.

As you can see, they were sewn with the stitch left visible on the outside. I think this is the easiest for beginner hand sewers. Once they have a few projects under their belts, you can show them how to hide the stitches.

Hand Sewing with Kids 7 Hand Sewing with Kids 6 Hand Sewing with Kids 8 Hand Sewing with Kids 3

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