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A Gazillion Free sewing patterns
August 25, 2016 – 12:04 pm
4. Sturdy Fabric Basket

So sew easy: A gazillion free sewing patternsOK, not a gazillion right now, but who knows how many we could find if we acted together ! Read on to find out how to join the Pinterest Free Sewing Patterns Group Board and find 1000’s of free patterns.

I was looking through my Pinterest boards of Free Sewing Patterns:

when I started to search for other boards on free sewing patterns. I found a LOT of them. Clearly it’s a subject a lot of people are interested in and like to pin and share.

Which got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to have a central repository of the best of the internet’s free sewing patterns all in one place, where everyone could add something they found. Then we could all just refer to the once place to find everything we needed.

Pinterest has a feature that allows us to do just that – a group board – where several, or lots, of contributors can pin to a single board. So I set one up called FREE Sewing Patterns and I’ve invited lots of people who had their own boards to join and repin their finds onto this central board.

If you would like to pin and share – and effectively join a group of people interested in sewing and share your pins and projects with them – then just let me know. Drop me a line via the contact page with your Pinterest username and I’ll be delighted to add you to the group.

If you already have pinned some free patterns, please repin them onto the group board so we can all share. I’d love this board to be the ‘go to’ place for a directory of the best free sewing patterns on the internet – so please pin and share.

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Where can I find beginner's sewing projects online for free? | Yahoo Answers

If they are really young, you can draw designs on plastic grids and have them trace them with yarn laced on a plastic needle.
My sister liked to fix simple stuffed animals.
I think it would be terrific to have then make their own stuffed animal. I don't know how old they are, but I bet if you get a really easy design and help them a bit they'd love it.
Like the other person said, an arts & craft store may have sets, but here's a site for free kid projects/patterns:

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