Fun paper Crafts for Kids

Toilet Roll Minecraft – Meet The Creeper!
September 21, 2022 – 12:43 pm
Fun paper crafts for kids

toilet roll minecraft craft for kidsI have to admit this Minecraft character came about accidentally!! I set about making a robot and just before I attached the arms my daughter screeched “it’s a creeper”, so who was I to argue with that!

After just a simple 3minute construction your kids will be happily crafting their toilet roll minecraft creeper too. And everything you need is in the recycling bin!!

All you need to make are some toilet rolls, a small box (I cut down a kids medicine box to make it the right size), glue and craft paper – a few tones of green, black, whatever you have. If you don’t have craft paper just sacrifice some pages from a magazine or newspaper.

Make two slits in two of the toilet rolls (the legs) and slot in the third toilet roll (the body) to stack on top. Glue the small box ontop for the head and paint the entire character green.

toilet roll minecraft craft for kidsWhen the creeper is dry invite your child to cut the craft paper into squares, pour some craft glue into a dish and ‘get busy’….

At the end of all the cutting and gluing and character building a Minecraft Creeper will emerge – use the same technique to expand the characters to include your child’s favorite Minecraft animals, villagers and just blocks to build and build a cardboard Minecraft world on your table…. instead of your phone or tablet haha!

toilet roll minecraft craft for kids toilet roll minecraft craft for kids

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What are fun easy crafts for kids?

More easy crafts for kids are a summer collage, a sun handprint, a strawberry necklace, a strawberry pin cushion, and window pics.

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