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May 19, 2017 – 10:06 pm
Alternative Gift Idea - Craft

Image of Felt Snowflake PillowGifts crafted by loving kids hands are always treasured by friends and family. Craft gifts made by the children we love will be remembered for years to come.

This Felt Snowflake Pillow a great wintertime project. All you need

This easy to make No Sew Scarf is a perfect

Image of No Sew Scarf Let the kids help make this Family Tree Wall Art.

Have the kids make Porcupine Art With A Fork and see

A Laundry Bag with Owl Design is a fun way

This pretty Quilled Sunflower Frame makes a beautiful gift that

Take time to say Hello to your teachers with these pretty

Image of Family Tree Wall Art

This Bling Rock Paperweight will be a real eye catching

This Glittery Acorn Necklace uses supplies that you will find

Newsprint Art can be very chic or very vintage and

This Multi Colored Bean Jar Decoration is an easy way

These Mesh Ombre Bows can be used as package decorations,

This Recycled Wine Bottle Plant Waterer is a great way

Image of Porcupine Art With A Fork Image of Laundry Bag with Owl Design Image of Quilled Sunflower Frame Image of Bookmarks For Teacher
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Homemade mosaic crafts with kids? | Yahoo Answers

Your best bet is to go to places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Ben Franklins, Tall Mouse or any large craft store in your area. They should have a section for mosaic stuff.
Hardware stores carry alot of these items as well.
For first project I would do a tray. Unfinished wooden trays can be found at most craft stores. Plaster of Paris spread on it and the glass and tile placed on this. Let dry, then put your grout on. Since your peices of glass are coming from bottles you have to be careful you place them curved side down, otherwise you may have sharp edges sticking up. Not …

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