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July 24, 2016 – 11:45 am
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Regretsy highlights some of the very worst from DIY craft site Etsy in hilarious form. We've collected some of Winchell's favorite craft abominations — some of which are featured in her book, Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF ($11.20 at

Unicorn Pig Hat

From the Description: "This hat is hand crocheted and designed for the child or adult who wants to show off just how proud they are to be a unique individual in this world. he has a three dimensional snout and horn. he looks adorable when worn or set on a stuffed animal for an added effect. he only has one eye - which happens to be his third eye to guide him through life with great insight and intuition."

Regretsy Says: "You're scaring my inner child."

We Say: Keep in mind the unicorn "horn" is made of tin foil. Tin foil.

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Gumball Baby

Description: "Perfect gift for any one at any age or any occasion."

Regretsy Says: Any and all occasion? Okay.

We Say: This gumball doll gives us nightmares.

Feather Cocktail Ring

From the Description: "Make a huge statement with this bold ceramic cocktail ring ...
Be the envy of all. Handmade with provocative intent."

Regretsy Says: "It’s called a 'cocktail ring' because you can balance a 12 ounce tumbler on it. And it’s ceramic, so you’re all set when the hot hors d’oeuvres come out."

We Say: Is that a parrot wearing a top hat?

"Dear" Hoof Ornament

From the Description: “I am both fascinated and repulsed by this object ... I love deer and used to cry when my brother and father went hunting for them. I cried when I watched the movie “the yearling.” I still love sweet and gentle deer. Yet … when I came across this odd sampling of taxidermy I was struck by its beauty.”

Regretsy Says: "For Rudolph so loved the world, he gave his only foot."

We Say: Have a holly, jolly hooftastic Christmas.

Eyelash Necklace

From the Description: "Sterling Silver necklace is approximately 22 inches including clasp. Eyelashes are made of 100% human hair."

Regretsy Says: "It’s okay, I don’t want to look at it either."

We Say: Hey, is your necklace winking at us?

"You Are Magnicifent" Wall Hanging

From the Description: "This listing is for a small wall hanging approx. 5 1/2" by 7 1/2". It is hand-painted and embellished with beautiful butterflies, flowers and swashes. Pink glitter is added for that extra 'sparkle.' Perfect for a little girl's room!"

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