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Make penguin cards from newsprint (Video
October 27, 2022 – 10:06 am
Making crafts for kids

To make this sledding penguin card, find written instructions below, or watch the video above for a tutorial. You can get more crafty ideas from Clifford's website,

The Forest Grove Leader, a sister publication of The Oregonian, will be making this free craft with kids during Holiday in the Grove on Saturday, Dec. 5. Visit the Leader office at 2030 Main Street from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to make your own penguin with supplies provided. If you want to make this at home, here's what you'll need:

This sledding penguin was made from spiraled newsprint. Samantha Swindler/Staff


• 1 sheet of newspaper cut in half lengthwise. (I used The Oregonian's compact format.)

• 1 piece of 8.5x11 cardstock or construction paper (your choice of color)

• 1 small piece of orange construction paper (for the beak)

• 9 inches of yarn (for the scarf)

• scissors

• glue stick

• hot glue gun

• a cocktail toothpick (a thin shish kabob stick will also work)


• Take the half sheet of newsprint (that's one news page) and begin at one corner to tightly roll the paper diagonally, forming a tube. Wrap the corner of the paper around a toothpick to get the roll started, but be sure to remove the toothpick.

• Apply the glue stick to the last 2 inches of newsprint, so the tube doesn't unravel, then finish rolling.

• Take the second sheet of newspaper and cut it in half horizontally. Take one piece, and roll and glue it into a tube as above.

• Fold the piece of cardstock in half so you have a 5.5 x 4.25 inch card.

• Flatten the longer tube, and roll it into a tight spiral. Again, a toothpick may help you to start the rolling process. This is the penguin's body.

• Use a hot glue gun to apply glue to one side of the spiral, and fasten it to the center of the folded cardstock.

• Roll the shorter, flattened tube into a spiral and use the hot glue gun to glue it just above, and slightly to the left, of the first spiral. This is the penguin's head.

• Take the remain half-sheet of newsprint and cut it in half again. Roll this quarter-sheet into a tube as before.

• Loosely roll about one-third of the tube, then use hot glue to glue into place below the penguin. This is the sled.

• Cut a small triangle, about 3/4 of an inch high, out of orange construction paper and glue to form the penguin's beak. Fold the paper to give it depth.

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Popular Q&A
How To Make a Kids Craft Table

Allowing your kids to do arts and crafts is a good exercise to stimulate their minds and to further their imaginations. Crafts can be a good way to bond with your children as well, you can try different crafts that would prove to be cheap and educational. It would also be nice to start them up with skills that they can use and develop in the future. With a good craft table, they can enjoy the confines of their space. They are able to concentrate more into achieving a goal to finish their craft.
A child craft table though may cost you some money. Good ones may cost you up to or even more…

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