Unique Crafts for Kids

Getting Crafty: Unique Projects for Kids
May 5, 2015 – 03:02 pm

4 kids craft ideas / bubble wrap crocsKids love being creative, and kids love crafts. Are you running out of ideas of project for kids? Consider these unique and fun crafts designed to engage your children. We’ve supplied the ideas—you just provide the encouragement. A quick, inexpensive trip to your local hardware store is all the preparation you’ll need!

5 Unique Craft Projects For Kids:

Bubble Wrap Crocs

As the name implies, you begin with a small piece of bubble wrap, preferably the type with small bubbles. Roll the wrap tightly to create the crocodile’s body, creating a pointy end for the tail and a flattened end for the mouth. This is the basis for your project. Your child can next paint the bubble wrap reptile-green, add googly eyes and nostrils, and decorate with cardboard legs. Most of the supplies needed for this unusual craft project can be found at home, and your kids can have fun decorating and painting their individual reptiles as they please.

TP Binoculars

What little explorer would not want his or her own pair of jungle binoculars? Offer to help your child create a unique pair from two empty toilet paper rolls. Simply paint your two rolls any color your child fancies. While traditional binoculars are brown or black, encourage your child to get creative with the decoration, such as painting them bright pink or adding a checkerboard pattern. There are a number of ways to connect the two tubes, but try using two large beads glued between the rolls to create the dual eyepieces. Finally, punch a hole in each tube and string a piece of yarn to add the neck strap, and your little explorer will be ready for a safari.

Alphabet Rocks –

This craft project provides multiple levels of enjoyment for you and your child. In order to create alphabet rocks, you will first need to collect 26 smooth rocks of fairly equal size. Working together, you will paint each letter on its own rock until you have completed the entire alphabet. The success of this project will be determined by the age of your child and his or her comfort level with writing the alphabet. If your child is skilled with the letters, encourage him or her to experiment with the style, color, and decorations on the alphabet rocks. If your child needs more assistance, the two of you can work together to create your rocks. Once you have the alphabet complete, you can use your set to play word games both indoors and outdoors.

Robot Cans –

Do you have a lot of tin cans available? Instead of recycling them right away, consider cleaning them thoroughly and using them for a fun craft with your children. Making tin cans into robots will allow your child’s imagination to shine. Offer your child cans in a variety of sizes, from short cans to double-sized cans. Make other decorative craft items available as well, including pipe cleaners, buttons, bottle caps, old building blocks, or anything else that you may have lying around the house. Your child can use these materials to create his or her robot head or even an entire robot body. With full use of their imaginations, kids will create totally unique robots full of personality.

Homemade Snow Globes

For a fun wintertime project, or a summer project while wishing for winter, try these homemade snow globes. Begin with a baby food jar, canning jar, or other similar glass jar. Make sure the jar is clean and without labels. Next, help your child choose the objects that should go inside, and remember that the jar will be upside down when completed. To keep the items stationary inside the jar, you will need to help your kid superglue them to the lid.

To make the “snow, ” you and your child will need to grate a small PVC pipe on a home cheese grater. Place the snow inside the jar, then fill the jar about halfway with water. In order to make the snow fall slowly, you need to add a either a few drops of glycerin or a few drops of clear corn syrup. Help your child screw the lid on as tightly as possible, turn the jar upside down, and your kid’s homemade snow globe is ready to go.

To spice up your craft time with your kids, try some of these unique craft projects. No matter which one you choose, remember to let your child take over the creative direction of the project, and watch his or her imagination grow!

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