Amazing Christmas gifts

15 Pocket-Sized Gift Ideas To Help Spread The Christmas Love
September 16, 2018 – 03:12 pm
Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas

You probably have checked out most of the gift ideas available out there, but if you’re not into bulky gifts that could burn a hole in your pocket, then check out the pocket-sized options we have for you in this post. You’ll find cute small cameras, creative USB flash drive designs, portable battery backups, an activity tracker, a slim wallet and even a manual-powered espresso machine.

Note: Some of these items may be out of stock due to the shopping season but do check back often at the product page for replenished stock. Prices may also vary from what is depicted here because again, it’s the shopping season, synonymous with discounts!

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This Polaroid Cube camera is one of the smallest in the world. Despite its small size, the Cube captures 1080 HD video and high-quality pictures and you can charge it via USB. Moreover, it has a magnet which lets you mount it on any metal surface. [$99.99]

Don’t like projecting photos? Then, print out your Christmas photos on the spot. With this portable small printer you can print photos right from your smartphone. [$159.95]

Gets you in the mood, doesn’t it? [$26.85]

This clip camera is small and light, and absolutely comfortable to wear as an accessory. With the camera automatically taking a photo every 30 seconds, you can focus on celebrating, not shooting! [$229]

The festivities should not be a reason to stop tracking your health. Goccia is small, stylish and simple activity-tracking device which knows whether you are sleeping, walking, hiking, or doing any other activity. It weighs only 2 lbs and can last for 14 days with a 25-min charge. [$105]

It does not matter where you’re going on your next vacation, with this portable espresso machine, you can get your daily dose of espresso whether you are on an island or out hiking. It has models that work with capsules or ground coffee. Just push to extract your coffee! [$39]

Say goodbye to tangled up headphone cords with Wrapster, a cool device to tame your cables and cords. It’s a simple alternative to wireless options and bulkier cord tamers, so give it a go. [$1.99]

This is a sleek wireless earbud that will never let you look down on the phone for notifications. Paired with Moto X, Moto Hint can be used to deliver voice commands to your smartphone. [$149.99]

This is one for those who like to read recipes off the iPad while cooking in the kitchen. On one side is a wooden spoon for you to stir your food, on the other, a working stylus to navigate through your recipes on the iPad. [$7]

This cool USB flash drive is made in the form of a bottle much like those sent out into sea by castaways. Message not included. [ $26]

This beautiful wooden backup battery can be used to charge 2 mobile devices at the same time. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for a couple or for a gadget fan who has a handful of gadgets keep charged up. [$60]

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