Awesome DIY Christmas gifts

Top 10 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
April 24, 2019 – 03:55 pm
Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts

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Tote bags are dead useful, you can carry your whole world in them. If you want to gift something that will be really handy, nothing is better than a go to tote bag. A simple white tote bag is a canvas for you to showcase your creativity, you can either tie dye it, stamp it, or you can dip dye your tote bag, there are endless means by which you can make a nice tote bag.

7. DIY lip balm

Homemade lip balms are a unique gift idea that you can try, this holiday season. They are super quick to make, which makes it a great last minute DIY Christmas gift. You can find tons of deliciously simple lip balm recipes, or you can make your own brand of lip smacking flavors. And since your lip balms are organic, everyone is sure to love them. Contain your lip balm in tiny tins or lip balm tubes and complete the packaging by putting a printable on top. Make a bunch of them for all your friends.

8. Personality jars

The easiest way to make a gift look super creative and cute is to incorporate a mason jar. They take no time at all and are inexpensive. The idea is to assemble things that your friend likes, in a jar.QlLmJ21wHVysrsrMXBnHHBRQwIFM6gBBOC8NLLl2CT_derssYKbYRZoCHWSHqZBoEyOcY6kzy0WaWYZvK60wq_r9SeTuZdSC4iNNtwLIjiW6GEesuqJuYzlWNJRSQWl2w3dAhrsiZUYGilHXsnFMqY4I_SV1YmgkHi-8=w313-h470-nc If it’s a girl that loves her nails, you can make a mini mani-pedi set by adding a nail paint, a nail clipper, cotton balls, cuticle cream, nail file and buffer. If you know someone that loves to cook, assemble all the cookie or brownie ingredients in a mason jar. For the party person, you can make mini cocktail set by adding little bottles of different beverages. They let you get super creative with the things you put into them and they are really simple. You can make different jars for each person. Wrap your jars with Christmas paper or tie a label with ribbons and you have a fabulous gift for the people in your list.

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Give sweet love in literal form by making cookies, brownies or fudge for your friends and family. Christmas is incomplete with chocolates and cakes in your mouth. You can put your edibles in cute jars or boxes and decorate them by tying labels and ribbons around it, which would be a cherry on top of your sweet gesture.

10. Christmas cards

If you are feeling crafty, then try your hand at making Christmas cards. Paint, print, emboss or put ribbons around your sentiments and enclose them in an envelop and they are sure to spill love and warmth, when opened. They are a treasure for both, the sender and the receiver to cherish. The words you put in your cards will surely fill the jar of joy of your loved ones to the brim.

These were some of the DIY ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time, they will not fail to amuse your friends and family. Hope that the love and warmth in the atmosphere is more than the global warming, this Christmas.

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