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April 4, 2017 – 09:10 pm
For Your Sister:

e09b10834ae935c9bd44428c05d5f6a1Having a friend on the other side of the country, or even the world, is never easy to deal with. But you can stick together and celebrate your relationship with fun and fabulous DIY gifts. Perfect for any budget, here are six gifts that even the anti-crafter will enjoy creating and sending!

1. Open When Letters

Sometimes your BFF will need a little support and you may be too busy or too far to be there in person. Instead, send them off with handwritten letters that feature inside jokes, messages of love, or even just sweet reminders. Label them as “Open when ____” so that they serve a specific purpose (e.g. “Open when you feel lonely”).

2. Distance Picture Frames

Picture frames are always a favorite among friends not physically near one another. But adding a special touch that acknowledges your distance can take it to the next level. Find a fun colored frame that you can write on (look for wood and sharpies) and then trace the states where each of you is residing. Draw hearts in the city with an arrow from your city to hers. Throw in a fabulously fun photo for an extra sweet touch.

kristen-wiig-maya-rudolph-bridesmaids-best-friends-gif3. BFF Mug

Customizable mugs are the best DIY gifts if you are not particularly crafty. With a ceramic coffee cup, you can trace on designs or write a great message using just a sharpie and then baking in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Great message ideas include fun poems like “Side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close to my heart” or jokes like “We’ll be BFFs forever because you already know too much.”

4. Personalized Necklace

1421686185-a31d0ad3939f64e9f2dcaf60467d14d1The BFF necklace is so middle school! But that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative with your favorite friend and their jewelry. Pop over to a beading or jewelry shop to pick up matching charms or those that interlock. Some great ideas are two pizza slices or puzzle pieces. You can even get sentimental by making bracelets with anchors to remind your pal that you will always be there no matter what waves they may face.

5. Photo Letters

If frames are not your style, give your BFF a letter featuring your faces instead. You can make this popular and beloved college craft by decoupaging printed photos onto cardboard or foam letters. The collages will be a huge reminder of the person who cares, but its craftyness can still be something they can easily hang in any dorm room.

6. Survival Kits

For the person who is traveling away from family and friends, gift the gift that keeps on giving — the survival kit! Stock a shoebox, first aid kit, or picnic basket with the essentials. Think Chapstick, aspirin, treats, and other small favorites! Add in supportive notes or even gift cards for when a real emergency arises. This makes a fantastic going away gift for any nervous friend.

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