Cheap and Easy Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts--Easy and Cheap!
January 3, 2021 – 06:18 pm
25 ADORABLE Homemade Christmas

Almost every teacher wants to buy a Christmas gift for each one of their students-but with classes of 30+ just gets too darn expensive! If you are middle school, high school, or "specials" teacher then you have 100+ kids.and buying a gift for that many kids is just INSANE!

If you are looking for something cheap (and cute) check out what I made for my kiddos.

Are they not cute? I mean look at their cheery faces and cute little red noses!!

With a little assembly time and about 10 bucks, you can make these Rudolph suckers for your whole class.

You will need:

  • green construction paper (1 sheet of paper per reindeer)
  • tootsie pops (red and 1 per reindeer)
  • $2.25 a bag at WalMart with 10 suckers in each bag
  • black sharpie
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • Next, cut the pattern out. This is what takes the most time-those dang antlers and ears are are tricky little things!

    Make sure you cut out the hole in the center-this is where the sucker will go for the red nose. I know my picture doesn't show the hole missing-so just don't forget!

    Then, fold the reindeer in half and put a strong crease at the bottom (the chin of the reindeer).

    After that, open up the reindeer and place the sucker inside.

    The sucker straw will poke through the tiny little hole at the bottom of the reindeer (if you look at the picture above-its the tiny hole between the two big holes).

    Fold the reindeer with the sucker inside.

    Next, use little pieces of scotch tape to to secure the sucker. I placed the scotch tape on the "cheeks"of the reindeer and on some of the antlers.

    Finally, write a message on the back and draw on Rudolph's face!

    And.voila! A cute, cheep and festive Christmas gift for you kiddos!
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    Really cheap and easy Christmas gifts for a teenager? | Yahoo Answers

    since yall are 16 now, how about car stuff? air freshners, any cheap little accesory...and yeah, you could burn a cd to go with that..a lot of places have those cute fleeceblankets for like 5 bucks a piece cheap are you wanting to go?
    also, if you can go to sams or costco and get a big pack of something, that might be cheaper too

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