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November 20, 2017 – 01:14 pm

Whether times are good or bad, Christmas can be hard on any budget. Between the tree, ornaments, other decorations, parties and, of course, the gifts, holiday costs can add up: the average U.S. consumer spent $866 on Christmas presents in 2007, according to

When tough times hit in 2008, that figure dropped dramatically to $616, and it has since increased to an average of more than $700 per year. Ouch!

If rent or other expenses have to take priority this year, you might need to cut back on your gift expenditures. If you don’t want to adopt my extreme solution — skipping the holiday altogether (go ahead, call me Scrooge) — try some of these ideas for Christmas gifts that cost very little, or nothing at all.

1. Free Christmas Cards

Perhaps the easiest way to find free Christmas cards is to dig through your holiday supplies to see if you have any left over from last year.

If you’re handy with Photoshop and have card-stock paper for your printer, you can make your own cards. A card-making tutorial will get you started. To keep it really cheap, save on postage by hand-delivering the cards as you visit friends and family in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can also find free printable Christmas cards online.

Advertise with The Penny HoarderYou could also make your own cards out of paper and magazine cut-outs; simply cut out seasonal images or ones that resonate with each recipient and glue them onto construction paper. If you have kids, recruit them to help — there’s nothing like a hand-made, hand-drawn card from a child.

Sending free e-cards is another option. Some of these cards are thoughtful, others funny, and many of them have animated action. While they’re not quite the same as a physical card, your loved ones may appreciate the sentiment.

2. Recycled Gifts

  • The recipient will truly enjoy the gift
  • It’s new and in the original packaging
  • It’s not especially meaningful to the original giver
  • It won’t create awkward moments between the original giver and the new recipient
  • Nobody’s feelings will be hurt

In other words, put some thought into the present. Emily Post says, “…if you’re still in doubt, don’t do it.”

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What are some cheap Christmas gifts that I can make, create or bake? Stocking stuffers too!? | Yahoo Answers

make pine cone christmas ornaments. Get some pine cones, cover them in glue and then roll them in glitter. Glue a ribbon on the stem to make it hang. You can also get the pillsbury pumpkin bread that you can make, its like a cake mix. You can buy mini-holiday loaf pans at the dollar store and bake the bread in them and wrap it in cellophane and give it out. You can make all kinds of crafts like jewelry, scarves, and hats too. You can also bake your favorite christmas cookies and put them in christmas tins.

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