DIY Christmas gifts for family

Christmas Ideas for the DIY Lover In Your Family
March 14, 2015 – 01:11 pm
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f771a14cd6d8bfb7b4eb6e118f23106fChristmas is the perfect time of year to get into the gift-giving spirit with presents and well-wishes that are straight from the heart. For you or the DIY’er in your family, this is another prime opportunity to dive into creating gifts that are built with innovation, inspiration, love and a little help from some great Super Glue products. Let’s take a look at some crafty stocking stuffer gifts that are sure to make your friends and family smile this Christmas season.

Drawer Knob Wine Stoppers – For the Wine-Lover

This clever gift idea is extremely easy to make and so cute, to top it all off. All that’s required are wine corks, new or vintage drawer knobs, and Original Super Glue. Simply apply some of the adhesive to the top of the cork and adhere the knob. Press down firmly while the glue dries. You can also use a rubber band to hold the pieces together during this time.

Button Bookmarks – For the Reader

Ideal for that booklover you love, this simple stocking stuffer only takes minutes to make. First, you’ll need to choose several buttons to use, either ornate and unique or quaint and classic, whatever you prefer. For many DIY’ers, you’ve probably got a lot of these lying about in a jar somewhere. Other materials that will be needed are jumbo paperclips, Accutool Super Glue Gel, and some small fragments of felt.

To create, apply a small drop of the adhesive to the back of the button. In cases such as these, the Accutool provides excellent precision and control, and also minimizes the mess. Next, attach the top of the paperclip to the button and let it dry. For a sleeker finish, add a tiny piece of felt to cover the connection spot with the button and the clip.

70941015c6db36bd21e2186433ba8033Tip - Not only do these bookmarks make great stocking stuffers, but they also make great additions to the top of wrapped presents as gift tag holders.

Wrapped Candy Bars – For the Chocolate Lover

This stocking stuffer idea is perfect for giving to those young and old and in between, so long as they like a little something sweet. With this craft, you’ll need candy bars, a glue stick, decorative craft paper, card stock, scissors, double-sided tape and Front Porch Treasures® Foam Mounting Dots.

First, wrap your chosen holiday paper around a candy bar. Cut out the paper once you have made sure there’s enough to wrap completely around the bar, with a little extra paper at each end. Then use your double-sided tap or glue stick to connect all the edges together. Once wrapped, move on to making the face of the Christmas character of your choice, like Santa, the Grinch, or Frosty the Snowman. Use your cardstock paper to assemble different shapes that bring the character together, or draw and color the features using markers.

Next, put one or two foam mounting dots on the end of the bar where you want the face to go, then attach the face to the dots for a dimensional effect. Lastly, add ribbon and/or a gift tag, and then your wrapped candy bar character will be ready to peer out from the very top of the stocking.

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What are some great DIY ideas for Christmas gifts?

Some good do it yourself Christmas gifts are gift baskets with their favorite small items, home baked goods, vanilla extract, done from home, and board games for the entire family are good frugal do it yourself ideas.

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