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Handmade gifts? There's a Knack for that
January 30, 2023 – 09:16 am
Mother s Day gifts. Hand made

Usually we associate handmade gifts as something either A) children do, or B) our super crafty overachieving Pinterest-loving friends do to make us look bad.

Knack launched last week in Seattle and their mission is simple. In essence, it's a new way to give (and make) incredible gifts for your loved ones. As a gift giver on Knack, you can browse different products (called Knicks) and customize your own premium gift box to send to the recipient.

Every single Knick has a story behind who made them, and they come in a Knickbook so the recipient of the gift knows where it comes from.

"What makes a gift meaningful is the story behind it, not how much it costs. For example, if I bring peppermint sticks to your house during the holidays, that's nice. But if I tell you that those peppermint sticks were hand-twisted by a 4th generation mint farmer in northern Oregon, that's a completely different feeling for both me as the giver and you as the recipient, " said Laura Jennings, founder of Knack.

In honor of Halloween weekend and their launch, Knack worked with us to show off some of their Halloween-themed Knicks.

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