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July 23, 2014 – 09:13 am
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How To Use Large Driftwood In DecorThere is something about untreated (almost untreated) naturally shaped wood pieces that is both elegant and raw. They are gorgeous simply as they and they make for great base for home decorations, furniture, and accessories. Driftwood In Decor

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The original trend is hangers in the form of trees for interiors in eco-style. Today we will try to make a bright wonderful model of hanger for a child’s room with our hands. See how to make such hanger

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Decorative interior partitions in large rooms are the known design solution. But if you want to zone a small room, such techniques are not always appropriate. And in such situation a light screen will be very helpful. See how to make an eco-style screen with your hands

Light Handmade Screen in Eco StyleSince ancient times, crafts, including embroidery, were used to decorate home interiors. Embroidery in the interior has not lost its relevance today. Such decor not only give individuality to the house, but also fills it with warmth. See how to use embroidery on walls

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Sturdy wooden door can become the basis for new interior. What door panels are suitable for furniture making? Primarily, it is exposed doors without serious defects. You can use blind and glazed doors. See which furniture can be made of old doors

Lego: Cultural Phenomenon Vintage Furniture of Old Doors Interior Decorations Made of Pasta Creative Design: Cutlery Recycling
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Popular Q&A
What are advantages and disadvantages of handmade items?

advantages - people prefer handmade things like shoes, suits, rugs...
- everything looks different
- people get jobs to make them instead of machines
- better, intricate designs can be made by hand instead of machines
disadvantages - it's less accurate
- it takes longer

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