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The Joy of Giving a Personal Handmade Greeting Card
September 2, 2022 – 11:02 am
21 Creative DIY Valentine Day

Have you ever been sick only to get the mail and there it is. A get well card. And not just any get well card. It's a beautiful handmade get well card. Feeling better? Probably a little; it comes from the warmth and joy of opening the card.

It really means alot when someone sends you a card, made by hand, in the mail because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for being you.

We all have busy lives, so in this day and age, it's easier and faster to write a quick email or send an ecard rather than personally handwriting something. I'm thankful for handmade greeting cards sold at shops like Fairy Cardmaker.

The handmade card is more meaningful to the recipient and just as attractive as any store bought card. They are unique, one of a kind, not mass produced, cold and impersonal.

Take Fairy Cardmaker's love handmade card, it is sure to win over someone and melt their heart. This card is a treasure to be kept forever; what better way to show that someone really cares about you than to show off your beautiful handmade card on your mantle, buffet or bookcase along with your other array of treasures and collectables.

Gift giving is an important part of life and a hand crafted greeting card is a gift. Every handmade card is a work of art. When you send one of these cards, you are sending an emotional piece of yourself. What better way to tell someone you care. Especially around the holidays. Receiving a handmade greeting card is like receiving a present. What a treat it would be to receive the xmas angel card.

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JMY toy Wooden Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit with Cover Romantic Pretty Princess Dream House Home with Light for Valentine's Day Gift
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  • Assembled Size : 15.1cm X 13.1m X11.6CM (6 X5.2 X4.9 )
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