Handbag doorstop pattern

How to sew a handbag-style doorstop
May 25, 2022 – 11:48 am
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This latest do-it-yourself project from Country Homes & Interiors shows you how to sew a fun doorstop in the shape of a chic handbag.

You will need

  • Dressmaker's pattern paper or graph paper for patterns
  • Close-weave cotton or linen fabric for lining
  • Tacking thread
  • Matching thread
  • Decorative button
  • Bamboo handle with D-ring fittings (the gap between the base of the handles needs to be at least 11cm)
  • 2 woollen pompoms

Step 1) Click here for the main bag and flap pattern pieces and transfer to dressmaker's pattern paper to the sizes shown. Or make to your chosen size. Cut out.

Step 2) You will need to cut two main bag pieces and two flap pieces. Fold the main fabric in half and pin the two pattern pieces to the fabric. Use tailor's tacks (see illustration) to mark the position of the darts. Cut out, snip through the loops on the tailor's tacks, remove pins and carefully lift of the patterns. Prise the two main bag fabric pieces apart slightly and snip tailor's tacks so that each piece of fabric retains threads to marking the dart positions. For the side gusset, cut a 13cm by 85cm strip of main fabric, joining pieces as necessary.

Step 3) Use the main bag pattern again, this time to cut out two pieces in cotton fabric for the lining (there is no need to sew tailor's tacks). Similary, cut a gusset strip in cotton fabric to the same size as the main fabric piece.

Step 4) Using the tailor's tacks as a guide, pin, tack and then machine stitch the darts in place on the wrong side of the two main bag pieces. Remove pins and tacking and press each dart towards the nearest side edge.

Step 5) Right sides facing and matching raw edges pin one long edge of the gusset strip to one main bag piece all round bar the top edge. Machine stitch taking a 1.5cm seam. Repeat to attach the second long edge of the gusset strip to the second bag piece. Remove pins, trim and snip seam allowances and press open seams.

Step 6) Repeat step 5 to join all the cotton lining pieces (there is no need to stitch the darts) and turn through.

Step 7) To make the handbag flap, take the two fabric pieces and, right sides facing and matching raw edges, pin and tack all round bar the top, straight edge. Stitch taking a 1.5cm seam. Remove pins and tacking, trim and snip seam allowances, turn through and press. Tuck in the raw edges along the top straight edge by 1cm and tack the opening closed.

Step 8) With the main fabric bag still inside out, turn down 3cm along the top edge and press. Then tuck the raw edge under by 1cm and pin in place all round. Slip stitch the hem in place and remove pins.

Step 9) Turn the bag through and position the flap centrally along the inside back edge so the straight edge of the flap sits 1cm down from the top edge (see illustration). Pin then slip stitch in place. Remove pins and tacking.

Step 10) Half fill the lining bag with sand (try Argos) then push it into the main bag. Continue filling with sand until the doorstop feels heavy enough to hold the door but not so full that the lining bag will be difficult to remove through the opening should you wish to wash the doorstop cover. Fold in the raw edges of the lining bag and slip stitch closed.

Step 11) Bring the flap over to the front of the bag and stitch the button in place, pushing the needle through the flap and the front side of the bag. Use loose stitching that can easily be removed should you wish to take out the lining bag later.

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