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Amazon launches Etsy-killer Handmade crafts site
March 14, 2015 – 05:43 pm
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Amazon is engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Etsy.

“We don’t allow any mass manufacturing, we don’t allow any factory-made products. All of these products have to be handmade and hand-manufactured, ” Amazon Marketplace vice president Peter Faricy told Reuters.

Amazon serves as the marketplace middleman, taking a 12 percent fee from overall sales made by sellers in exchange for payment processing, discounted shipping and access to other Amazon services.

Amazon has been courting Etsy sellers since May, when it invited them to sign up for Handmade.

Meanwhile, Etsy has been trying to stop merchants from defecting. Last month, the company announced Etsy Manufacturing, which connects merchants with pre-approved manufacturers in the US and Canada.

Etsy, launched 10 years ago, has seen its shares fall by more than 50 percent since it went public in April. The company’s losses doubled in the most recent quarter due to rising expenses and the stronger dollar, which hurt demand for US products.

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