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Amazon launches a handmade shop for makers worldwide
October 11, 2022 – 11:02 am
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Amazon has ventured into yet another space of shopping — handmade goods from small artisans.

On Thursday, Handmade at Amazon launched with the work of artisans from over 60 countries around the world. There are more than 80, 000 handcrafted items on the site, with more than 2, 000 from Georgia, representing jewelry, home and kitchen, baby, lighting and more.

“Customers said they purchased handmade products because they wanted to connect with artisans. We are bringing artisan produced products directly to customers, ” said April Lane, category leader of Handmade at Amazon.

The movement towards handmade goods is huge, said Lane, and Amazon customers said they wanted to know and understand where the products came from. Each artisan on Handmade at Amazon, has a profile telling their story and describing their products. Shoppers are able to search by location to find products made by artisans in their same city or on the other side of the world. In addition, Amazon offers artisans the opportunity to offer product customization in the form of engraving or sizing, right on their pages.

In June, artisans from around the world began applying to Handmade at Amazon. Anyone can apply by completing an application online. Once the application is submitted, it takes three to four weeks for the team in Seattle to review and make sure the company meets standards including company size and no mass production.

Jessica Dickson, a Dunwoody based maker of jewelry, said she wanted to join Handmade at Amazon because it offers customers a one stop shop for quality goods. “I am always supportive of any business that supports local artisans and people who work hard to create any type of art, ” she said.

Green Agate Slice Stone Pendant with Emerald Clover Beaded Necklace by Jessica Dickson of Dunwoody

Getting a foothold at local festivals can be difficult because of the intense competition, so Dickson is hopeful that her Amazon site will offer her broader exposure. Check out Dickson’s shop and other artisans at from Handmade at Amazon by visiting

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