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February 18, 2020 – 05:14 pm
She also loved simple colors

handmade paperYesterday I told you about my wonderful weekend project this project was.

But as much as I loved making paper…I REALLY loved making stuff OUT of the paper. When I look at these beautiful, handmade items it just makes me happy to think it all came from “junk” I had laying around the house that would eventually be thrown out anyway. How cool is that?

The first, and most obvious, was to make some stationery. I managed to get about 3 pieces of stationery out of each round of homemade paper and then I just stacked them and bundled them with some twine. Super simple…but what a nice gift to give someone that definitely says “handmade” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this.

Next, with wedding plans on the brain, I focused on making some simple place cards. (Yes, you heard that right. Wedding plans. My daughter Britta got engaged about a week ago and will be getting married August 17th! So I apologize ahead of time for all the wedding-related blog posts that are sure to lie ahead. lol.)

handmade paper

Nothing fancy about these (besides the beautiful handmade paper!) except I did run them through the printer so I could utilize this beautiful font I found called Indenture English Penman. Isn’t it elegant looking?!

I just think these place cards are so simple and elegant and would go with just about any type of wedding or special occasion.

What’s a wedding without some hearts thrown in? I decided to cut out lots of hearts (I used a large cookie cutter to trace them out on the handmade paper.) I managed to get about 5 out of each sheet of paper. I then sewed two of them together around the edge with my sewing machine. I left a small opening and used a pencil to stuff just a little bit of quilt batting into each one to make them “puffy”! I sewed them shut, punched a hole at the top in the center of each heart and put a piece of jute string through each one.

These could serve as purely decorative or you could use them as gift tags or you could fill them with dried flowers and make sachet favors! Lots of possibilities.

handmade paper hearts handmade paper place cards cinnamon sugar pretzels handmade paper place cards 2
Source: www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com
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