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Homemade Soap Recipes and How to Make Soap from Scratch
June 12, 2021 – 07:06 pm
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How to Make Cold Process SoapHow to Make Cold Process Soap.
Learn how to make homemade cold process soap from scratch with detailed instructions on how to make homemade soap as well as what you'll need to get started in the fabulous world of soapmaking! Plus FUN beginner soap recipes to get you started!
Learn how to make your own cold process soap recipe from scratch plus information on how to use a lye calculator and other soapmaking notes and tips.
Learn how to make a handmade wooden loaf soap mold for your cold process soaps with this simple tutorial that gives you dimensions and instructions for completing a loaf soap mold that yields a 3 to 3 1/3 lb. loaf of soap.
Dimensions and instructions for crafting your own handmade loaf soap cutter for cutting consistently sized bars of soap.
Learn how to make cold process soaps with a heart embedded in the center.Free Beginner Soapmaking Ebook These make great homemade Valentine's Day gifts and handmade wedding favors.
Learn how to make homemade goats milk soap the easy way without having to worry about prepping your goat milk in the freezer first to get it to that slushy ice stage or worrying about it curdling with my simple tutorial!
Learn how to give your cold process soaps stripes or the illusion of grass embedded within them with this simple soapmaking diy.

Reading Material

Soapmaking books I recommend.

Commonly referred to as the bible on soapmaking, The Soapmaker's Companion is a comprehensive guide to soapmaking with cold process soap recipes, liquid soap recipes, techniques, troubleshooting, tips and know how.Advanced Soapmaking.
This book on making cold process soaps is authored by long time soapmakers, Mary Humphrey and Alyssa Middleton. It's filled with step-by-step instructions on making, tips and recipes. There is also information on rebatching, embedding, and swirling soaps as well as information how to blend natural scents.
How to Make a Wooden Loaf Soap Mold for Cold Process Soap How to Make a Soap Cutter or Guide How to Make Soap with Circle Embeds How to Make Cold Process Soap with an Exfoliating Strip
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