Cute Holiday gifts for friends

Cute Holiday Gifts for Kitties
June 24, 2017 – 10:18 pm
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Happy Holidays! Are you still working on your shopping? We may not be able to help you with picking out presents for your friends and family members, but we can suggest some adorable gifts for your cat. Read on for some super cute holiday gift ideas for kitties from a local Minnetonka, MN veterinarian.

Catnip Bubbles

If your feline buddy likes catnip, she’s bound to put some smiles on your face by chasing catnip bubbles. Plus, the activity will be good for her!

Automated Laser Pointer

Every year, hundreds of kitties get their workouts in by pouncing, chasing, and jumping after little red spots. This is a great way to keep Fluffy entertained while you’re busy.

Robotic Mice

Few things are more fun for our feline friends than chasing mice. You can now pamper your kitty with an automatic mouse that will respond to her movements. Fluffy will no doubt have a ball playing with this cute toy!


Kitties often enjoy spending time at their favorite window, sunbathing and watching birds or squirrels. Many of our feline pals also like watching documentaries about birds. You can now find DVDs just for Fluffy to watch. This is an adorable way to keep your furball amused while you’re away!


If you needed proof that our feline friends have us wrapped around their paws, look no further: developers have created several apps just for cats. Your kitty can bat at digital mice on your phone or tablet.

Butterfly Toy

These adorable toys feature fake butterflies fluttering about in a clear tube. Your kitty will look adorable trying to catch them with her paws!

Kitty Houses

Cats love small spaces, as they feel safe and secure when they’re closed into little areas. Give Fluffy a pet tent, or an adorable little cathouse. You can find ready-made kitty spaces cleverly designed to look like ice cream trucks, pyramids, and other fun things.

Heated Bed

Minnesota winters can be quite chilly! Keep Fluffy warm, cozy, and purring by getting her a heated kitty bed.

Catnip Cookies

Catnip mice are classic kitty gifts. To try something fun and new, look for catnip cookies. You can find fortune cookies, holiday cookies, and other cute options.

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