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Best Friend Gift Ideas: Christmas Presents Your Bestie Will Love
June 15, 2017 – 10:12 pm
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Forget the #squad, we all know your best friend is your number one gal pal.

So this Christmas, why not show your bestie how much you care by gifting her with a super cool gift she's sure to love? From updated friendship necklaces to ultra cool BFF leather jackets, these best friend gift ideas are sure to be a hit with your ride or die (and also make for totally gram-worthy photos).

Ready to find the perfect holiday gift for your best friend? Check out some options below:


  • Perfect for the 'gram. $1, 320 each. Available at
  • If the jackets are a bit too over budget, try these adorable crew necks instead. $75 each. Available at
  • For the gluten and dairy-free heartbreaker. $53.06. Available at Nordstrom.
  • Because your friend deserves some Frends. $199. Available at Indigo.
  • Bottom's up! $35. Available at
  • So she can get her Kim K on. $60. Available at
  • Your BFF should never throw shade, but that doesn't mean she can't wear them. $95. Available at
  • For your bestie who loves her cat just as much as she loves you. $80. Available at Nylon Shop.
  • Because if you're gonna get her a robe, it might as well be a cute one! $59.50. Available at Victoria's Secret.
  • Way cooler than the ones you bought at Claire's. $29. Available at Urban Outfitters.
  • As is this. $48. Available at
  • As if we need an explanation for this one. $34. Available at Nylon Shop.
  • To capture all of your memories. $99.99. Available at
  • So she won't have to ask you for yours anymore. $59.95. Available at iStore.
  • For that friend who loves being organized. $45.50 (sale). Available at
  • Really, this is a gift for the both of you. $19.55. Available at Nordstrom.
  • So she'll have that perfect smoky eye for your girls' night out. $55. Available exclusively at Sephora.
  • Because your best friend is your official side kick. $68. Available at Kate Spade.
  • She'll get to try out new beauty products each month — and fill you in on the ones you should get for yourself! $10/month for a monthly subscription and $100/year for a yearly subscription. Visit for more details.
  • She can wear this to your annual pyjama party. $49.95. Available at La Vie en Rose.
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Popular Q&A
What are some simple, easy, and meaningful gifts I can make and give to my new friends to show I appreciate their friendship? - Quora

I honestly think that one of the nicest gifts you can give your friends are simple hand written cards. In this day and age, very few people send hand written notes. Everything has become electronic communication. Whether you make the note yourself or buy some notes that are prepackaged that somehow reflect the sentiment you want to share, write a few solid lines inside the card and send it off. This will definitely let your friends know you are thinking of them and care!

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