Cheap and easy gift ideas

Quick, easy and cheap last-minute gift ideas
June 17, 2020 – 05:44 pm
25 ADORABLE Handmade Gifts

Gift giving is not as complicated as we sometimes make it. (Photo: Daria Nepriakhina, StockSnap)

So if you didn’t follow my advice about saying no to being busy this holiday season, you may be finding yourself getting ready to rush off to yet another holiday party. Or perhaps you just have a ton of cousins and you like to give them all a little something. Here are a few ideas for quick, easy and even cheap last-minute gifts.

Give homemade treats.
Homemade fudge, Mason jar goodies and your own special cookie recipe that everyone loves are all great ideas when it comes to homemade treats. Give yourself plenty of prep time and you probably won’t find yourself too frazzled over this gift idea. Package your offerings nicely and friends and family alike are sure to adore this thoughtful gift. You could even include a recipe card and wooden spoon to add a little extra touch to this gift idea.

Make your own gift baskets.
Everything-for-a-dollar-type stores are perfect for putting together special gift baskets or stocking stuffers. In the store, you can find a basket or stocking and then fill it up with goodies. For example, if someone in your family just moved to their first home or you have a friend who loves to cook, you can easily stock them up on new kitchen gear. Spatulas, graters, hand towels and wooden spoon sets can easily fill a basket or stocking, making the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Of course, there are plenty of other themes you could choose from: baby, a car or emergency kit, or even something for a special pet.

Get it at a grocery store.
If you are totally out of ideas or time, your nearest grocery store may be just the stop. All grocery stores sell a variety of gift cards now. You should be able to find everything from restaurants to all kinds of shops that are sure to please those on your list. While you’re there, be sure to grab your hosts or hostesses a bottle of wine or bourbon. Put a bow on it and you’re set!

Gifting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There is no reason you should have to spend the entire month of December running from store to store shopping. Instead, do it the easy and inexpensive way to not only have a peaceful December, but to start the new year without guilt about those credit card bills.

Casey Davis is a wife and momma who hates having crumbs on her feet. She writes about living a simple, organized and frugal life. Follow along on her blog, Twitter or Instagram

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Cheap and Easy Holiday Gift Ideas
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i need a cheap and easy holiday gift idea? | Yahoo Answers

aww i was gonna say bake cookies. lol.
umm, just bake him a cake. make cool designs with the icing and stuff and write merry christmas or something =]
or >:)
call the cake designer thing.. show... whatever... the one where they make these cakes and they look super cool (it's on food channel).
and say that you made it :D
heh heh heh >:)

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