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15 creative birth announcement photo ideas way more interesting than sleeping babies
October 26, 2016 – 02:19 pm
How to Give the Raddest Gifts

Creative birth announcement photo ideas | vital info shot by Alphabet MonkeyWe are so blown-away by some of the creative birth announcement photo ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest and beyond lately. Is it a new trend or just something that’s now in the hands of more regular photographers than the pros? Either way…impressive!

Here, 15 of the most creative birth announcement photo ideas we’ve seen, we think most people could pull off with varying degrees of skill. None require much more than minimal props and a little bit of help from parents and siblings; or sometimes you just need a little forethought and planning throughout the pregnancy.That’s it. In other words, no tulle-wrapped baby in a giant egg next to a delivery ticket from heaven and a plastic stork standing guard.

Hopefully these ideas help you get your perfect picture, if you’re going for something a little off the beaten path.

1. With services like Pic Monkey, which let you easily create high-res edits and imagery, start with a full a picture you like and create a text overlay like the announcement from Sappy Apple (at top). Of course great typography is key and if you don’t know your Bodoni from your Baskerville, you might ask a friend with a great eye to help out.

2. Make Your own Baby Sling!

Creative birth announcement photo ideas | Adele Enerson art doodles

3. Plan ahead–as in the moment you find out you’re pregnant–and recreate this lovely series of pregnancy photos by photographer Bron Bates from Baby Space for your baby’s birth announcement. It’s so simple if you think about it, and guaranteed to nail the awww factor. (Just keep in mind your relatives may actually want to see the baby’s face. But that’s entirely up to you.)

4. If you can take some pictures of your baby lying down against a white background, doodles can change the mood entirely. We find ourselves inspired by this amazing series of baby images by Adele Enerson. So, so great!

5. How funny is this two-sided Awww-Waaaa birth announcement we found from our friend Alma Loveland at Ollibird? Enough with all the perfect happy photos; sometimes the less-than-happy outtakes make the most memorable moments.

6. If you have a great picture of your baby but don’t love the background, this custom hand-lettered baby announcement at Etsy shop JoeKayse is a great way to accentuate the positive. Send them your photo, and they’ll create a lovely custom poster complete with hand lettering of all the vital facts. Including “exceptionally proud parents.”

7. In terms of simple ideas, we are so taken with this one: A Hello: My Name Is name tag stuck onto a baby’s swaddle blanket, as seen here in this birth announcement photo idea by photographer Heather Golde. We even love that the nametag is in focus, with the baby set a bit back on the background, giving priority to a name that was probably kept secret until the big reveal.

Creative birth announcement photo ideas| Custom hand lettered poster by Joe Kayse at Etsy

8. Yes, it’s over-the-top, and requires serious propping. But we’re laughing at this hilarious air pump baby announcement. This took significant planning over 40 weeks and yeah, professional art direction and uh, a photo shoot with Patrice La Roche. But what a fun-loving family for this lucky baby has been born into.

9. In similar vintage film-strip style, check out theatrical The Magic Show creative birth announcement photos snapped by pro Dan Culberson. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for this couple, it’s perfect. Plus they seem like people we want to hang out with, even after the baby. That’s always a plus for announcements.

10. It’s so sweet to get older siblings involved, and this one incorporates a chalkboard, which we all know by now is the hottest prop to hit photo cards this decade. It was assembled by a (paid) editing tool called Compositor which makes storyboard style layouts, and we spotted it on Momtog but would love to track down super clever parents who took part in this one.

11. Second only to blackboards: on the sidewalk. A great example of how that can work is from photographer Kelle Hampton, resulting in a simple, memorable birth announcement photo idea. Of course this might be best for moms of two or more, who have gotten over their fear of laying a baby down on a sidewalk for a few minutes. (Ha.)

Creative birth announcement photo ideas| Nametag photo by Heather Golde Creative birth announcement photo ideas: Chalkboard sibling photo series Creative birth announcement photo ideas |LOVE photo series at How to Nest for Less Creative birth announcement photo ideas with siblings | I Heart Faces

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