Homemade gift ideas for Guys

Homemade Valentines Day Gifts For Guys
March 11, 2017 – 08:51 pm
14 Christmas Gifts for Men

Want to impress your man February 14th? Here's some homemade Valentine's Day Gifts he will LOVE :)

The following list will give you some great homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys they will surely love. Men may not always show their romantic side, but men are really kids at heart. The best way to impress your guy is to do something that shows you went that little bit extra to create that one of a kind gift that shows "your man" how much he really means to you.

By creating something homemade, you really bring out the boy in him and it may bring him back to that comfortable warm and fuzzy feeling he got as a kid excited to open gifts under the Christmas tree. He really gets that WOW factor that you did something JUST for him. When you make a homemade gift, you really add your personalized signature and it's only effective when you truly know what he likes! This may take some careful planning days in advance or a closer observation of the things he likes and asking questions about some of his "favorite things". So, days before Valentine's day find out in a round about way what he likes and dislikes.

13 Great Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

1. Make a Scavenger Hunt where he has to find several items in the house or throughout the day where the "reward" is gift that he really wants or needs..or YOU as the prize. You can make this scavenger hunt simple or complex. The trick is to make it fun and be creative with the items. Maybe it's an old receipt of one of your favorite restaurants that you eat at. Or it's a dry cleaning bill of YOUR dry cleaning so that he's out getting your dry cleaning and having fun at the same time.

2. Make a collage of his favorite things. This could be in a card form or on a larger letter head legal or bristol board size and have it framed to match the decor of his office or home.

3. Bake a cake or anything sweet. What man doesn't like homemade cookies or homemade baked bread and sweets?

4. Make a homemade card. A personalized home-made card is going to have a lot more impact than something store-bought.

5. Create a Vision board of all the things you want the two of you to do together. Include vacation places you talked about visiting. Maybe it's the vacation spot or home you've been looking at. Maybe it has his favorite "toys" in the vision board. Use cut outs from his favorite magazines and newspaper clippings from sections in the paper that you know he likes.

Go all out and maybe use a wig or mask to really add to the mystery and excitement.

9. Offer to be slave for the day or for a few hours. Let him know that his "time" can be used for you to do absolutely ANYTHING he wants..including sorting his mail or ironing his shirts. You could make it a physical thing, or it can be just to do any tasks or chores that he would appreciate NOT doing himself!

10. Make all his meals that day leaving special notes in each of his meals or in his lunch with instructions for times to call you to win a special prize when he gets home.

11. Leave hidden notes in various places where he might find them. In his breast pocket jacket, hidden in his wallet, maybe you planted the notes in his car, in the glove box, in his computer bag, or in various pockets and usual places that you know he goes to where he'll find these great little reminders of WHY he's so wonderful...or the things you are going to do to him when he gets home.

12. Set up the bedroom like a spa with candles buy the scented oils and give him the massage of his life!

13. Give HIM a manicure and pedicure from home and treat him like a celebrity for an hour.

Hopefully any one of these great home-made gift ideas will have your man thanking you and remembering Valentine's day because you added your personal touch! And remember, you DON'T have to wait for Valentine's day to show your appreciation and love for your special guy!

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