Homemade gifts ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas for the Homesteader
September 11, 2019 – 04:48 pm
Homemade gifts ideas

The holiday season has already begun. Every year it arrives, and so often chaos, stress, and uneasiness about gift giving comes with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way for those prepared with several homemade gift ideas for the homesteader in your life that loves the beauty of things “from scratch”.

In this blog I want to get your season started right by sharing some of my favorite homemade gift ideas for those homesteaders-at-heart in your life. You can make these easily for your friends and family and give them healthy, original gifts that are so much better than last-minute store-bought items. I will follow up with a second blog on ideas for making homemade tasty food gifts for your loved ones.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are packed with Vitamins A, B, and C, iron, potassium, and powerful antioxidants. Making an elderberry syrup recipe is a great way to get all the nutrition from these delicious bushes into our body! (Find recipe here)

Comfrey Salve

One of my favorite things about my new homestead is our very own comfrey patch. Of course, you don’t need to grow your own comfrey to make a nourishing salve with it. There are several places online that you can purchase dried, organic comfrey leaves to make this simple and homemade comfrey salve.

Homemade Comfrey SalveComfrey has been in use as a medicinal herb for more than 200 years. The allantoin content of comfrey aids in healing wounds, sores, burns, swollen tissue, and broken bones. It can be applied externally to bruises, sprains, arthritic bones of any inflamed tissue, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. (Find recipe here)

All-Purpose Salve

My goal in creating this recipe is to minimize your medicine cabinet and prove to you that, once again, nature has given us the remedy. This all-purpose salve is good for so many things. The coconut oil and olive oil bring nourishment, while the beeswax is known to lock in moisture, foster cells, and protect skin from damaging environmental factors. For children, the BEST two essential oils to have on hand are melaleuca and lavender.

Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner

Wool Dryer Balls from The Paleo MamaWhen it comes to cleaning your floors, you don’t need expensive products to do the job. Essential oils are great at cleaning up the dirt while leaving a refreshing, clean aroma in the air. Cleaning your floors with essential oils is completely safe, non-toxic, frugal, and easy!

The beauty of using essential oils on your floors, is that you don’t have to worry about using a specific oil on a specific service. Each essential oil will work on your floors. This recipe works if you have tile, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, laminate, and vinyl. You can mix any of the oils I recommend above to make this recipe or use one single oil. (Find recipe here)

DIY Laundry Detergent—$0.02 a Load

I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for years now. I was so scared at first to switch over to natural-homemade detergent because there was this mindset that store-bought is best…store-bought smells better…store-bought makes my clothes fresher. However, when we did our budget makeover, I decided to take homemade detergent into my own hands and come up with a DIY laundry detergent recipe that saves a TON of money. (Find recipe here)

Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils

Since I have made the switch to using wool dryer balls, instead of dryer sheets, my pocket-book is much happier, and so is my energy bill! I love my wool dryer balls with essential oils and I know you will making the switch too! Here are some of the reasons why you should try these wool dryer balls:

  • They can cut your drying time in half
  • They help reduce static
  • They save you money on your energy bill
  • They are chemical-free, unlike dryer sheets
  • They can be re-used over-and-over again
  • They increase the fluffiness of your clothes

All of these easy-to-make homemade products would make fantastic holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones. You will have fun making them, and your loved ones will appreciate the efforts you make to prepare gifts offering healthy, economical alternatives to the chemically laden products you can purchase at stores.

Source: thepaleomama.com
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Make a Peter Pan memory/keepsake box for him. Use a shoebox and see if you can find peter pan wrapping paper to cover the top and box seperately. Or go to a craft store and get a plain box and decorate with pictures/stickers etc of Peter and Tink. Use a pic of the two of you as well. Inside you can put stuff that is significant to your relationship and stuff that is related to the movie he loves. Stickers, a hook, glitter (pixie dust), etc etc.

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