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July 11, 2022 – 10:51 am
39 Mothers Day Crafts - DIY

homemade gifts 1By Laurie Darroch

When it comes to the dog lovers in your life, a homemade gift that acknowledges the bond they have with their special canine companion may be the perfect present. These 5 dog-themed Christmas crafts are all easy to make, inexpensive gifts from the heart.

Wooden Plaque (pictured at left)

These are very simple to create using paint and a cut piece of wood, acrylic paints and a clear finishing spray to preserve the completed project. If budget is an issue, use scrap wood or cut up old pieces of fencing post to make the wood shape you want to paint on.

Paint a fun saying, the dog’s name, a humorous quote or any other wording that is appropriate for the receiver and their dog. Let it dry completely and then seal it with clear spray. Add a hanging hook if desired. These look cute hung on a wall or set on a shelf standing up.

Paw Print Picture

If you have a willing canine helper, you can use paper and acrylic paints to make paw print gifts, such as a set of cards, a painting or wall hanging to frame. Add a photo of the dog to finish the project, or write a story or poem to go with the paw print painting.

To set this craft up, plan on working in an area that can be easily cleaned and is contained. If the dog is skittish about you dipping their paw in wet paint, have a helper there to keep the dog still. Lots of praise and a few CANIDAE treats as a reward will help. Have paper towels, water for washing their paw and a towel handy to keep them from running off covered in paint. Acrylics are water soluble and wash off the dog’s paws easily, but don’t let them lick it even if it is labeled as non-toxic.

Dog Emergency Information Kit

It’s always a good idea to have the information needed in an emergency easily accessible. It will not only be useful for the dog’s owner, but other caregivers when necessary.

Compile a written record that includes the dog’s name, breed and age, favorite toys, food and items of comfort. Include any medical problems and medications, special behavior issues, command words, owner’s name, address and phone number, vet’s contact information, and any other pertinent details regarding the dog. Add a few photos of the dog taken from different angles.

For presentation, buy or make a special folder or box to store the emergency kit in. Make it bright or easily identified so it can be found quickly in an emergency. If you use a box that is large enough, add a package of CANIDAE dog treats and a small toy for comforting a stressed dog. This gift may not be costly, but it is a genuine and useful gift of love to acknowledge a person’s connection to their beloved dog.

Shell Ornament

If you have access to shells, you can make simple Christmas ornaments for your dog loving friends. All you need are acrylic paints and a brush, a finishing spray, and a bit of ribbon and hot glue to make the hanger.

Write the dog’s name on the inside of the shell using a fine tipped paint brush. You can embellish it with paw prints or a heart. Paint the edge of the shell to add color to the ornament. Use a clear finish spray to seal it and keep it from rubbing off over time, then cut a piece of thin ribbon and glue it in a loop on the back of the shell for hanging.

Besides the dog’s name, you can make additional ornaments with each family member’s name, or make shells with fun dog-related sayings or words to present a set of shell ornaments as a gift.

Gift Certificate

The gift of your care and time may be the best gift of all. Create your own homemade gift certificates for services such as dog sitting, dog walking, playtime, and so forth. You can create them by hand or using a computer graphics design to print out. Create a small booklet of tickets redeemable for services that the receiver can redeem when they need your services. Make them as ornate or as simple as your skills allow.

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