Craft ideas for Christmas

6 Toddler-Friendly Christmas Ornaments to Make
April 29, 2015 – 11:08 am
Now the happiest time is

Paste this pretty decoration together.

What You'll Need: construction paper (red, green), white poster board (about a 5-inch square), 1 gold pipe cleaner, 1 medium-size green glittery pom-pom, 1 small green glittery pom-pom, 1 small red glittery pom-pom, glue stick, white craft glue

Make It: Cut the construction paper into one-inch squares. Use the glue stick to attach the squares until it covers all or almost all of the poster board; alternate the red and green colors and, if you like, leave a small space in-between the squares. Once the squares have dried, cut a Christmas ornament shape (circle, oval, teardrop, etc.) from the poster board. Make a loop from the pipe cleaner for the hanger and glue it to the back, at the top of the ornament. Then glue the small green pom-pom to at the top beneath the loop. Finish by gluing the medium-size green pom-pom and the small red pom-pom together (green on top, red on bottom) to the bottom of the ornament.

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What are some homemade craft ideas for Christmas.

Homemade craft ideas for Christmas include making bracelets, and collages. You can make all sorts of stuff! I am going to make a collage of my sisters and I, and give it to my sisters for Christmas!

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