Best DIY Christmas gifts

The Best Christmas Gift For Netflix Addicts
May 2, 2015 – 10:35 am
2. Homemade Body Butter
As a kid, getting socks for Christmas was as appealing as getting a piece of coal. But this holiday season, socks can get a serious upgrade. If you're ready for a DIY project to show off your love of Netflix, you could create your own pair of binge-watching socks. In addition to being very stylish, these cozy creations will pause Netflix when you (inevitably) fall asleep during a binge-watching session.

Netflix has created a video breaking down the basic steps of creating this futurist footwear. But that's simply to inspire you to say no to buying ordinary socks for your bestie and really commit to creating the Netflix gadgets. Once you have committed, you can go through the detailed instructions to knitting the socks and creating the sensor on its website. And there's a sock pattern for every kind of Netflix fan, whether you want to adorn your feet with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's pinot noir or Orange Is the New Black's pie. Forget drones: These socks prove the future is now.

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Best DIY christmas gift guide
Best DIY christmas gift guide
DIY best + easy + adorable Christmas Gift!!
DIY best + easy + adorable Christmas Gift!!
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