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15 DIY Christmas Ornaments
June 28, 2018 – 02:39 pm
Christmas Decorations Ideas

Beads DIY Christmas OrnamentHave you ever seen the clear glass and plastic ornaments at Michaels and wondered how you could decorate them? There are tons of ways to embellish these ornaments and turn them into pretty little things, but mostly, it’s a great project to do with your family or girlfriends!

Hi, my name is Micheline. I am the very lucky girl who actually gets to craft and demonstrate my passion through numerous Medias in Québec, Canada and into the Michaels Stores of that French speaking province. I am thrilled to participate on this blog today about Christmas decorations and hope to inspire you into making your own original and fun DIY Christmas ornaments.

Creative Fillings

Don’t we all love a craft with our children that involves no glue, no paint, no glitters, no mess, yet, tons of pleasure?! Make sure to get the plastic ornaments and watch the young ones fill them! You can also use food: coffee beans, popcorn, small candy… Be creative!

PomPom DIY Ornament1. Pearls or Beads

You can pick up beads from our jewelry department or give new life to an old and broken piece of jewelry.

2. Pom Poms

Colorful pom poms show great texture through the clear ornament and are super kid-friendly.

3. Feathers

Faux Snow

These next 3 ornaments have one thing in common: fake snow. You get it by the bag at Michaels in the seasonal department. There are different textures and sizes of flakes available, some even with iridescent sprinkles. My favorite snow for ornament filling is the “Flurries” (Buffalo Snow) that looks like tiny pieces of Styrofoam.

Feather Ornament4. Miniature Fir Trees

To make the mini trees hold in the bottom of the ornament, I put a drop of hot glue under each and used tweezers to delicately go through the opening. I added the snow last.

5. Mini Bird on a Branch

I did the same thing with the cardinal, using tweezers to hot glue it to the branch I had previously inserted in the ball.

6. Jewelry Garland

For this one, I used a wire garland with pretty beads that I shortened with cutters and inserted into the flat ornament. Before putting the cap back on, I inserted a few beads and twisted the wire around the cap to have them hanging in the middle. I used Glitter Glue to write “Noël” on the surface.


Fir TreesMake a memorabilia ornament that will remind you every year of a special vacation, trip or activity that you did.

7. Vacation Sand & Seashells

I love how this one turned out with the rope wrapped around the top. Don’t forget to identify the year on the ornament. For mine, I made a banner out of cardstock, and glued it on with a hot glue gun. You could write it on with a Sharpie marker too. Cherish other memories for years to come such as special concert tickets, petals of your bridal bouquet, etc. * Tip: When heavy items are place in an ornament, glue the cap on with hot glue to prevent damage!

Inside Out

The next 3 will show my favorite technique: Decorate the ornaments from the inside! It’s long-lasting because the paint, wax, alcohol ink, or glitter will never chip off.

8. Acrylic Paint Minion

Any brand of craft paint will work for these ornaments. You can choose a specific color for a specific project (like this yellow Minion) or to match your home décor. You can also mix different colored paints together for a beautiful marbled effect. I had a special request from my daughter for this ornament. All we did was pour a bit of yellow craft paint directly inside the ornament, then shook it and turned it until it was fully covered. We then patiently let it dry by hanging it upside down on a stick planted in a Styrofoam block. The eye was printed off the Internet (type “Minion” in Google images!), cut around and glued into a soft drink bottle cap. I added a drop of Glossy Accents clear medium to give the eye a shine. I then glued the cap on a ribbon and attached to the ornament with hot glue. Lastly, I drew the smile with a Sharpie marker and added the yarn strands of hair.

Snow Cardinal Ornament Jewelry Garland Ornament Vacation Memory Ornament DIY Minion Ornament
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