Sewing Craft ideas for Christmas

Christmas and Winter Paper Crafts
September 30, 2022 – 09:26 am
Christmas Crafts Ideas For

Christmas and Winter Paper Crafts - Ideas and Inspiration - Page 1

Christmas crafting with paper is so much fun! Not only can you create beautiful decorations for the home, windows and tree, but you can also craft presents for friends and family. This project section offers many possible crafts to choose from and the selection will be increasing within time.

German Paper Stars (Froebel Sterne)
These traditional stars are not as complicated to make as they look! They are called “Fröbelsterne” and make lovely tree decorations and package toppers.

Craft Idea for Christmas and Winter - Paper Bag Snowflakes
Here in Germany, you can purchase packs of paper bags called “Butterbrottüten”. Translated, these are “Butter Bread Bags”. These are used to pack sandwiches for school and work. Because these are so inexpensive, they are also used a lot for crafting. This pretty snowflake idea is popular in this country. With just 8 of these bags, you can create a snowflake within 10 minutes. When hanging from the ceiling or from a curtain rod, these look so light and dainty.

Christmas Paper Craft - Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Gift Tags
The colors of red and white together look so festive for Christmas and have a Scandinavian feeling to them. If you have ever been to Denmark in December, you can see this with your own eyes. Store windows and street decorations are mainly only in these two colors. For this project, gift tags in just these two colors were created to add a seasonal look to all of your gifts.

Stencilled Christmas Gift Bags
Small brown paper bags can look so festive when pepped up with stencils and paint.

Advent Craft - Paper Bag and Decoupage Advent Calendar
An inexpensive pack of thin white paper bags was used to create this simple advent calendar. The advantage of using paper bags is that all you have to do do is decorate them. Paper napkins with country Christmas motifs were used to embellish the bags and give them a charming look to them.

Christmas Craft - Colorful and Easy Christmas Wreath
This wreath is finished in a jiffy and is very light weight. It is good for those with very little space and can be hung on a wall or even used as a table wreath with a candle as a centerpiece.

Inexpensive Paper Bag Tea Light Holders
This project takes a plain white paper bag a step further and combines it with a tall tea light votive glass and paper napkins to create a cute table decoration for Christmas. Because these paper bags hardly cost anything to make, they are great for parties or get togethers when you need a lot but do not wish to give out too much money.

3-D Origami Paper Stars
Whether you create small ones as Christmas tree decorations or larger ones to decorate your room or windows, you will have fun making them and even the older kids can help.

Woven Paper Christmas Heart Ornaments
These hearts are like a mix of the Fröbel Stars (German Paper Stars) because of how they are made and look similar to and the Danish Woven Hearts. The folding technique is easy to learn. Just try it a couple of times and you will see how simple it is.

Scrapbook Paper Advent Calendar on Stretched Canvas
Several scrapbook paper companies have printed sheets of scrapbook paper with Christmas motifs and numbers that can be used for advent calendars. This is one example of how a sheet can be used.

German Stars Paper Wreath
Once you have mastered the technique of the German paper star, you can continue making a few more to complete this dimensional paper wreath.

Christmas Craft Idea - Quilled Paper Christmas Wreath
Even though it may not look like it, you will need an entire afternoon to make this project. Each quilled roll is individually made and glued on. This would be an excellent group project for a church group or at a retirement home. If a few people can help to quill the paper rolls, it takes much less time to make this project. Wenn this wreath is finish, it looks unique and interesting and is definitely a one of a kind. It can be used to hang on a wall or door or as a centerpiece wreath with a candle in the middle.

Red and White Needle Pricked Paper Ornaments
These ornaments in six different designs are made in a classical red and white color scheme.

Lacy Paper Star Christmas Tree Ornament
Create these delicate and lacy stars to give your Christmas tree an elegant look.

Santa Claus Gift Box
You can create this cute gift box Santa within 30 minutes and have a perfect packaging for the smallest of presents.

Shaker Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament
The Cosmo Cricket “Buck Naked” chipboard ornaments are not only great for covering with scrapbook paper and using for all sorts of crafts and decorations, but also they make perfect sturdy templates for various projects.

Christmas Notepad Holder
It requires minimal materials and a little time and will be really appreciated by its recipient.

Country Stars
There is something natural and simple about cardboard boxes and one seems to always have a couple lying around. This time a box side was used to create stars which make charming Christmas ornaments for a country tree. They can also be used as package toppers or even as embellishments for Christmas cards, tags or scrapbook pages.

Christmas Gift Bag with Jumbo Tea Lights
If you have tea lights around the home and scrapbook supplies, you can make this quick and easy project.

Paper Christmas Wreath
By using the Sizzix Originals holly leaves die with your die cutting machine, you can create this project within minutes.

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