Kids Papercraft

Paper Trophies, Masks and Sculptures
September 26, 2022 – 12:50 pm

kids-wall-art-decor-paper-trophy-3Helena Casanovason

The wall is a great surface for creative kids rooms decorating projects. Just using paint you can create a cute atmosphere or an original nook in your kids’ bedroom. Adding wall art is also great way to personalize a room. It’s easy! Choose a fun poster, some postcards or an imaginative wall decal.

Today I bring a very special proposal: trophies, masks and sculptures (DiY kits) that can be placed as decoration in your kids’ room walls. All of these papercrafts can be assembled at home.

kids-wall-art-decor-paper-trophy_2Rhinos, deers, lions, gorillas…Wild Animals are coming into your house, but they aren’t dangerous!

Paper animal trophies and figures in bright and vibrant colors. These complex polygonal structures of animals are easy to assemble and features a minimalist and stylish cubic design. Print it out at home and you’ll have a new funny but brave best friend at home!

Geometric paper animal sculptures and trophies in elegant pastel or vivid colours that look like computer models that have come to life. You can also find post-cards with punch-out sculpture parts and some ebooks in their shop.

“Maska” is a paper folding product that creates a 3D head by folding, gluing and assembling a flat paper shape. They can be placed on a wall, but also they are wearable as mask for a costume or just for fun. “Maska” comes in three different animals, a fox, a deer and a bear.

Assembli is a little laboratory experimenting on that ideal mixture of playful design, low-tech assembling and DIY. Their folding kits allow to create big paper wall trophies and other products like a plane or a Christmas tree.

diy-kids-wall-art-decor-paper-trophy kids-wall-art-decor-paperwolfsShop kids-wall-art-decor-paper-trophy-lion kids-wall-art-decor-sculpture

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