Gifts to make for friends

10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give Your Quilting Friends
January 21, 2016 – 05:52 pm
Holiday Mason Jar Gifts

As we know all too well, the holiday season can be a stressful one. Guests visiting from out of town, fancy meals to prepare, a house to clean and of course (for us quilters) gifts to make! Over the years we’ve picked up some great hints and tips for easing holiday stress. One of these tips is that not every gift you give needs to be handmade.

2. Subscription

Magazine subscriptions are always an appreciated gift. For the friend who has everything, check into subscriptions for some of the newer art-quilt, embellishment and inspiration magazines.

3. Quilted tote bag

Tote bags can be fun and functional, and are very hip these days. If you have time, choose from the many available tote bag patterns, and create a bag for your friend in her favorite color. Our 1-Hour quilted tote bag tutorial is a super fun project you can whip up in a flash. If you’re still short on time, check with your local quilt store. Chances are, they have quilted tote bags ready for purchase — how quick and easy!

4. Quilter’s FabriCalc

The FabriCalc is a wonderful tool from Calculated Industries. This amazing calculator figures backing, binding, borders, yardage for a quilt, and more. About the only thing it can’t do is sew. This item is useful in any sewing room, and comes at an affordable price.

7. Gift certificate

A gift that never goes to waste, give a gift certificate to your friend’s favorite local quilt store. You could even offer to go shopping with her (as if you needed an excuse!) Earn bonus points for stitching up your own fabric gift card holder.

Quilted Laptop Case Pattern8. Dinner delivery

Do you know a friend who has trouble carving out time for quilting? Offer to bring her (and her family) dinner, then instruct her to head into her quilting room/area for the rest of the night! Provide her family with a yummy dessert, so that they don’t mind the disappearance.

9. Class for two

Give a gift to your friend and yourself, by purchasing an online quilting class for the two of you to take together! You’ll both have fun learning a new technique, and it will be enjoyable to spend time together. You can also gift any Craftsy class to a friend!

10. Laptop case

So much of quilting has moved into the technological age, and we love it! Make a protective cover for friends’ laptops, iPads or iPhones for them to enjoy while participating in quilting activities. There are plenty of laptop case patterns available, and we guarantee this will be a useful gift. It’s so important to protect these delicate items — this way your friends can do it with style!

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I'm graduating from 8th grade next week. What is a good gift to make for friends? | Yahoo Answers

Since it's the summer time, I think making ankle bracelets, would be nice for your friends that are girls. Go to the craft store, (JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby) and find how to make them with clasp and everything to look really classy and not so crafty. They have so many beautiful crystals and beads available. Personalize it with their favorite colors or your new HS school colors.
Put them in the boxes with the cotton that stores put jewelry in when you buy them. Wrap them, and oh so pretty!
Congrats and good luck in high school!

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