Creative family gift ideas

Creative Christmas gift ideas for the person without a wish list
September 30, 2022 – 09:26 am
Gift Guide For Family Gifts


While it’s admirable that someone may not ask for anything for Christmas, it makes it tough for us if we really want to still get that person a gift. But what
do you buy someone who doesn’t seem to need anything?
Jenny Martin of Southern Savers says go for fun! She suggests you pay for something the person already uses or may like to have. Suggestions are XM radio, AAA, Netflix or Spotify Music.
There are experiences that make great gifts. Buy a ride in a race car or a hot air balloon. Those are adventures they otherwise may never take.
Jenny says you could also make a donation in that person’s name. For example, the Riverbanks Zoo offers a Wild Parent option for $35. You can give this gift in someone’s honor. You also could buy someone a brick. Your friend’s or family member’s name will be in etched in stone forever.
Other ideas that could be well-received involve learning a new skill. Send them to a painting class, buy a golf lesson or music lessons.

There are monthly boxes (like fruits and veggies) that they could receive every month all year long. Jenny says remember that gift cards to shops, malls, restaurants or theaters are always a winner.
And don’t forget you can spend your time instead of money. Offer to babysit the kids. Or organize a closet. And if you really want to make the gift special

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Creative Inexpensive Family Gift Ideas

homemade note cards (this is a great gift from kids - have them draw a pic, you ink it over, photocopy onto cardstock and fold into note cards. package with envelopes in bunches of 10 or 12. always useful, plus a great way to have a "record" of your kid's drawing for posterity). We did this as kids from about age 4-15. They make great gifts for teachers, extended family, etc. plus i think it's fun to look at how my art skills and subject interests changed over the years.

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