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Homemade dog treats
October 22, 2015 – 08:48 am
Simple, Personalized Homemade

I make 100% homemade, natural dog treats. Taste tested & approved by my Miniature Bull Terrier & his neighborhood friends.
These treats are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or for people who prefer the best for their dogs. I use the same ingredients you'd use on your snacks (minus the ones that aren't safe for dogs).
Side note: it lessens gas... my bully has little to no gas when he has my homemade treats than when he has store bought, over processed treats.

Choices include:
- Pumpkin Peanut Butter treats
- Pumpkin Apple Pup-cakes
- Sweet Potato treats (I can add carrots, as well)
- Sweet Potato Cranberry Pup-cakes
- Carob chip cookies (carob is an alternate to chocolate that is safe for pets)

I can also experiment with new combinations on your request & I experiment regularly on my own too so new flavors are added semi-regularly.
I will refrain from grains if your pup is sensitive to them. I will also refrain from using peanut butter for those pet parents/families that may have peanut allergies.
Keep in mind that these are 100% natural so they need to be eaten within about a week (less on treats that incorporate fresh apple chunks, instead of just applesauce).

Cost: Most snacks are $15/dozen
I break the treats/pup-cakes in half & don't usually give the whole thing at once. They are larger than store bought treats & they also are a different texture (softer).

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What are some cute homemade gift ideas to give to your boyfriend for christmas?

You could make key rings with his picture in it. This is a really cool gift for a boyfriend.

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