Small Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas
December 13, 2016 – 04:23 pm
Easy care Christmas gift

ID-10051929digitalart-150 Do it yourself Christmas gift ideas.

1. Make a piece of furniture. If you are not proficient with tools and things, this might be an even greater reason to build – surprise someone with your new found hobby. While the options are limitless, the best ideas are usually items for organizing or storing knickknacks. There is probably a closet in your home that could use a little organizing. Why not build a customized storage/organization center.

2. Coupon book. This is an oldie, but still a great personalized gift. Depending on what the recipient enjoys you can customize the book. Include service things like breakfast in bed, a day of help, and a night off. I suggest you put an expiration date to help motivate the recipient to use the coupons. If they have not used the coupon in a few weeks, give them a call and (lovingly) force them to use one.

3. Make a silhouette picture. One year my wife gave me silhouette pictures of my kids. It is still a favorite gift I have received. Get a picture of the kids and cut out the shape of the head. Use that pattern to cut out a silhouette on black construction paper. Just glue the picture to a piece of colored construction paper and throw it in a frame. This is an awesome gift idea for family.

4. Scrapbook/scrapbook calendar. Find some picture that have special meaning for you and the gift recipient. Neatly and creatively compile those pictures into a scrapbook. You could even go to your nearest Hobby Lobby and for about $10 buy a blank calendar. Use your scrapbook skills to custom design your own calendar.

5. Baked goods. Your neighbor or boss might just enjoy some cookies from Grandma’s famous recipe. They will probably enjoy it more than a gift basket you bought from somewhere.

6. Homemade gift basket. For just a few dollars you can buy a basket. Fill the basket with several of the items listed here.

7. Paint or draw a picture. The picture could be of a favorite memory, favorite place, or anything sentimental. If you specialize in a type of drawing or painting, make some personalized pictures for friends and family.

8. Create a CD mix with some of the recipient’s favorite songs. You could even put a group of CDs together with favorites from different decades or stages of your relationship.

9. Sew something. Kids think it is so cool to have a matching outfit with a parent. Sew mother and daughter a matching outfit. One year my wife sewed me an organizing sheet for my tools. Fix up a favorite piece of clothes for someone.

10. Search high and low for a rare item. Using resources like the internet – can anyone say ebay?- you can get your hands on some rare items. This does not necessarily mean expensive items. Your grandfather might be amazed if you tracked down that spinner top he always used to play with when he was a kid. I guess you’ll have to do more than search high and low – a letter explaining why searching is all someone gets is not going to cut it. Search high and low and FIND a rare item.

11. Organize a family experience. Take the family somewhere extra special. I’m not necessarily talking about a trip to Disney. It could even be to take the family for a day of sledding or skiing. How about a trip to the farm for a sleigh ride? Consider substituting gifts with a vacation or family activity. I know one family (grown kids) that does not do any Christmas gifts anymore, but once every couple of years they use that money saved to all get together for a week vacation.

12. Make a hand mould with your children’s hands. The nice thing about having kids is you can completely exploit their cuteness for a ton of awesome gifts. Just buy a little clay and let junior shove his hand in the mold. Any aunt, uncle, or grandparent will treasure your gift.

13. Homemade recipe book. Collect all your favorite recipes or even the recipes of friends and relatives and give the book to someone who loves to cook.

14. Homemade Christmas card. Here is another one that uses kids’ cuteness to your advantage. Take a piece of paper and have your kids leave hand prints (just use a little paint for them to dip their hands into). Position the prints in such a way that the hand prints can be reindeer antlers. Write a heartfelt hand written note to accompany the letter.

15. Make a video. If you don’t get to go home for Christmas this year, make a video of the kids playing and saying hello to everyone.

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Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas Gift Ideas
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
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